Essential On-Demand Business Advice For Owning Franchise By Gojek Clone App Philippines

Why is Gojek Clone App Philippines getting so popular? 

The App has gained popularity in the Market not because of one, but some pretty handsome reasons: 

1. You can Access the App anytime, anywhere

The App Users need a Smartphone and an Internet Connection to place a Service Order from anywhere, their homes, schools, offices or while being stuck in the traffic. They can Order the Groceries, Food, Book a Ride etc. Even if they don’t have a Smartphone, they can directly call the Admin Dispatcher Panel to place the Order or Book a Taxi with an uber clone.

2. Brings Tons Of Digital Perks With Being Mobile-Friendly 

Being Digital means you don’t have to spend on a physical store, tools of machinery. Plus, managing the Services becomes easy when the application is Mobile-Friendly and runs smoothly. 

3. Gives Loads Of Benefits To Service Providers

Apart from offering 70+ Services and a gazillion advanced features, it also gives one more unique advantage to Service Providers. Now Salons, Spas, Multispecialty Hospitals and others can register their ‘Franchise’ on the App altogether. 

The concept of Franchise seems interesting! What is it? 

Gojek Clone App Philippines says that owning the Franchise means that an entire Hair Salon, Multispecialty Hospital, a School or even a Massage Centre can register with the App. 

The App User Will be able to see your photos, details about Education, background, Rating and Reviews, but they will not be able to see that which Hospital or Healthcare Centre you are associated with. Implying, the entire staff of an All-In-One Organization can register themselves on the App individually without telling the Patients. 

Let’s understand it better with an example: 

Sia’s Massage Centre in Salt Lake City, extends a number of massages. If you’re all busy because of finding a work-life balance, don’t worry, their Masseuse Services have got your back from Albuquerque. 

But, during the Nationwide Lockdown, they had to shut down too. So, they used up this time to Register themselves on the All-In-One Service App. Upon registering, now they can offer each and every massage to the Customers at their homes. But gradually with time, the Market had started opening up and people were seen on the streets once again to run their daily errands. Here are some of the ‘Best-Selling’ Massages offered at Sia’s Massage Centre. 

Prenatal Massage

An App User booked this Prenatal Massage and chose Amber Williams, who is an advanced Trained Prenatal Massage Expert. Amber came to Customer’s home and gave her a nice, relieving Session. The User loved her Service because she actually felt a sigh from all the Stress and Discomfort of the Second Trimester. So, from 10 AM to 4 PM she would work at the Spa Centre an in the evening she will take up one or two Prenatal Massage Services. Thus, double the income!

Foot Reflexology Massage

James Lanson is all stressed out because of his hectic work schedule at the office for the past month. So, he schedules the booking of a Masseur for Foot Reflexology Massage on Friday Afternoon. The Masseur comes to his Apartment and gives him a calming massage that is focused on the reflex points on – soles, palms, and ankles. After the session was over, James added a review on his Masseur’s Profile saying how stress-relieving the massage was. He also mentions that this Massage is a go-to if you want to feel relaxed, healthy and all well.  

CranioSacral Therapy

Emily Rosa opened the Gojek Clone App and searched for ‘CranioSacral Therapy’. An entire list of Professionals came up and out of all she chose Alicia but she didn’t know that she was associated with Sia’s Massage Centre. Once she searched for the Service, the App gave her choice to choose either a 30 Minute Session or a 60 minute. Emily chose the time-slot, and picked a 60 minute session priced at US$80. 

Alicia came to the Customer’s home and gave her this deep body, tension relief massage, which she loved! 

So, not only a service provider but also the customers get a spot-on and butter-smooth experience. However, when you’re choosing to open up a Franchise, take a close look at the Apps: 

  1. What services do they offer
  2. Advanced Features that they offer you as a Service Provider 
  3. Their Business Models that’ll help you make more bundles of CASH! 
  4. Ease of Managing, Accepting, or Declining Requests
  5. Offers you different payment modes to generate revenue 
  6. In-App Call or In-App Chat Feature 
  7. View status of the Services 
  8. Earning Statistics 


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