Expo 2020 Dubai: Highlights From ‘Tolerance And Inclusivity Week’

The Expo 2020 Dubai’s fourth thematic week of ”Tolerance and Inclusivity’ from 14th to 20th November 2021 aims to promote an inclusive environment for all backgrounds and build tolerance for mutual differences. Nowadays, such steps are vital in restoring harmony and equality in the world. Additionally, if you seek the advice of professional financial advisors, you will be able to see how the inclusion of people worldwide can lead to a stronger economy and thriving businesses.

Among several authorities, Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence and Commissioner General of Expo 2020 Dubai, stated that “Understanding and respecting different civilizations and cultures are key to creating a peaceful, thriving society. By hosting Tolerance and Inclusivity Week as part of the UAE’s National Festival of Tolerance, Expo 2020 Dubai will unite 192 nations as we utilize the principles of coexistence, fraternity, hope, and joint action in the UAE and worldwide, towards creating a better future for all of humanity.”

Key Event Highlights – Expo 2020 Dubai

. ‘Designing for All’:

The ‘Tolerance and Inclusivity’ week kicked off with the session ‘Designing for All.’ The purpose was to shed light on multicultural workplaces incorporating various business management consultants from diverse backgrounds. The objective was to reflect the requirements and thoughts of everyone and create a safe environment of inclusion. 

. UNESCO’s International Day of Intolerance:

Interestingly, the week coincided with UNESCO’s International Day of Intolerance on 16th November 2021. Thus, it led further gravity to the overall theme and significance of the efforts of everyone who became part of this initiative.

. The Firdaus Orchestra Performance:

Formerly launched in October, the Firdaus Orchestra performance, an all-female orchestra, was the highlight of 16th November 2021. The group consisted of women from diverse backgrounds coming from all over the world for their love of music. The performance featured music ranging from western classical to traditional Arabic to Hindustani classical.

It further included movies and documentary screenings with the message of inclusion and tolerance weaved in the scripts. This initiative strived to develop the understanding that all humans are the same at their cores, and we should not let our differences divide us. 

Sometimes the message is best conveyed through movies or documentaries so that people from the business world, such as professional financial advisors, can clearly understand the theme and take an active part in the change.

Expo 2020 Dubai

. The Expo Live Impact Series And ‘Breadth Of Humanity’ Journey

The Expo live impact series from 15-19 November 2021 took place at The Hub and The Good Place in the evenings. The platform provided the space for grantees to share their work in this noble cause. Including Pischa Eats, a food business situated in Malaysia that plays its part by training the refugee chefs, and a Danish startup called ‘Be My Eyes’ that connects blind people with sighted volunteers. These initiatives acted as an eye-opener for corporate consultancy services to come up with similar startup ideas.

Apart from the exciting events, a tour, specifically centered around the theme, was arranged to enhance the visitors’ experience. The tour was created with the vision to invoke thoughts on the ties connecting humans. It focused on the significance of key organizations, institutions, and professional financial advisors playing a role in generating a world built upon tolerance and inclusivity. 

Furthermore, the tour included a black and white introduction that eventually turned into a kaleidoscope of cultures featuring the importance of unity in diversity arranged by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Pavilion. The tour also highlights a Catholic church, with an emphasis on the collaborations between various ethnic groups.


Overall, the week put forth a wonderful display of the ‘Tolerance And Inclusivity Week’ theme in the form of various presentations. It aims to leave a massive impact on all the visitors and fulfills the intended purpose of representing humans from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, it stresses the inclusion of women in workplaces in prominent roles and is imperative in the post-crisis world. This way, organizations around the world can move towards a healthy environment ensuring success and prosperity. 

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