Neetish Sarda on Evolution of WorkSpaces in the Last Decade

From large green areas to huggable trees to spacious pathways to curated and high-end architecture, adding various services and facilities can make a location very comfortable for work. In India, workplaces or campuses with total convenience, facilities, and services exist. However, because it takes much real estate and money to develop the needed infrastructure, these are only available to the top businesses.

When an ambitious young entrepreneur, Neetish Sarda, returned to India after finishing studies abroad, he observed a remarkable disparity between workplaces in the West and India when visiting various companies. He was perplexed to find that the access to lovely and sophisticated offices was limited to only a few. How can he turn his workplace into a productive, interesting environment where people ‘want’ to go? How can he make this opportunity more accessible and inexpensive to the Indian masses while improving their entire workplace experience?

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He puts a lot of consideration into providing employees with a workplace focused on productivity, work-life balance, and technology. He understands the significance and link between a well-designed office and productivity. According to Neetish Sarda, traditional workplaces were gradually evolving into modern designs. Nonetheless, such progress was too slow compared to the Western world or the expanding expectations of the new-age labor.

Neetish Sarda began Smartworks in 2016-2017 and gradually extended to other cities in India. As a result, Smartworks has emerged as India’s leading tech-enabled, fully serviced Flexi space supplier to Enterprises throughout nine important towns (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad) with over 4.5 million square feet under control. With over 95 percent of business clients, the firm has witnessed a threefold increase in sales since its founding. Moreover, it has been the only player in the market to stay profitable for the previous three years.

Neetish Sarda, the youngest creator of India’s largest managed flex space, pioneered enterprise onboarding into flex spaces. Its mission is to give members well-managed, hassle-free, tech-enabled, exciting workspaces, as seen by its completely serviced ecosystem, which offers all services from basic to value-added at zero CAPEX. In addition, it provides a complete office experience by providing amenities such as conference rooms, training rooms, sports areas, gyms, leisure zones, pick-up and drop-off, internet, video conferencing, hot desking, cafeteria, networking, and engagement sessions, community events, and more.

Office design has developed considerably with changes in management practice and technology. Employees are not required to work at their desks all day. Thanks to the rise of flexible working, workers now have the flexibility to choose where, when, and how they want to work. Workplaces are important! Smartworks typically places a strong emphasis on enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity.

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