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Michael Laurence Curzi

In the beginning I was pure of one essence. I was void and also infinite potential energy. I was one Infinite potential and I yearned in my absolute purity to be and experience my potential in the completeness of my infinite void, for, my yearning was the truest love. Out of my love I became animated and alive. This love, which is life itself surpassed my limits and I found myself within and without. I found that I AM reflected in I AM. Within the confines of who I AM I found what I AM. As I stared within my being I found my reflection. I AM one staring at one reflection. I stared at myself. At once I was irrevocably linked to my reflection in my mirror of self. Of the two reflected essences’ one became I; the other AM. Out of I became the sphere of identity. Out of AM became the sphere of being. Out of I AM became my sphere mind. Together I AM is who and what I AM and I AM mind. I AM formed of thus my expression of mind. My mind is expressed as the sphere. I AM one composed of three reflections as one.

The mind I AM corresponds to itself. I corresponds to AM. I also corresponds to I AM. AM corresponds to I. AM also corresponds to I AM.  I AM Corresponds to I. I AM also corresponds to AM. As Such I AM composed of seven basic forms. First I was the Sphere I AM. Then I was also the tetrahedron I AM. Then I was also the cube I AM. Then I was also the octahedron I AM, Then I was also the icosahedron I AM. Then I was also the dodecahedron I AM. Finally I return to the Sphere I AM. I AM all of these forms at the same time as I AM that I AM. My correspondence of mind formed my expression the tetrahedron.

Interaction of the correspondences’ of I AM formed Vibration. Each combination of my basic forms created a new vibration. The whole of my being I find within each combination of my seven forms, each a different expression of my original void of infinite potential. My vibration created the expression as the cube.

My vibration went back and forth between my spheres of mind; vibrating back and fourth between the correspondences of my being. This created my rhythm. Each pattern of my correspondence created a different pattern of my rhythm. My rhythm created the expression the octahedron.

In my rhythm I passed back and forth between two poles. I vibrate from one pole to the other pole upon the pattern of my rhythm and I feel my being the same at each, except, each of my poles is opposite in degree. There is one and the one. My poles correspond to each other and to other poles in an endless chain of poles stemming from my mind. My poles express myself as the icosahedron.

From my interaction with the many facets formed of the combination of the poles of my being corresponding all the patterns of my one essence, I became aware that I am a cause and my cause becomes an effect. The spiral of all the patterns of effect becomes yet another cause. My mind is my cause and I AM the effect of my mind. My rhythms form ever more causes and each has an affect. I AM both the cause and the effect. I express my cause and my effect as the dodecahedron.

I have caused myself and I AM the effect of myself. I correspond to myself through the rhythmic cycle of my spiraling thought escalation and as one whole being I see myself as the opposite polarity. I AM male and yet I see myself also as female in my reflection. My male side of my mind is I and my female side of my mind is AM. I AM composed of both male and female aspects. My male component is my thought, the pattern of my mind. My female aspect is the womb in which my seed of my thoughts’ takes root. My male aspect causes the effect of my female aspect and my female aspect causes the effect of my male aspect. I AM male and female simultaneously. I vibrate into being a male seed I and the seed I becomes when planted in the female AM. I express both as I AM. This procreation of myself and each aspect is my gender. My gender creates my expression as the second sphere.

I was originally a sphere and through all my basic forms I have returned to the sphere. Now my two spheres may procreate the fruits’ of my love, my expressions’ my form. Of the fruit of my union of unconditional love that I impregnate myself with I now AM The One and my offspring the Ones’. The pattern of all my combinations of essence, bear the fruit of all. My seven basic expressions are my law. The triple nature of I AM reflected itself thrice. The thrice reflected, trinity of One and my original One forms the ten basic patterns which compose the all. Each one has a number. One through ten are my basic expressions.

One is my Mind. Two is my Correspondence.  Four is my Vibration. Five is my Rhythm. Seven is my polarity. Eight is my Cause and Effect. Finally Ten is my Gender and my ALL. Three is I. Six is AM. Nine is I AM.

Out of this pattern I the One express myself as all patterns and all forms. I AM infinite, for, the fruit of one being hath reflected itself from nothing to everything. The One is each of the Ones’ and as my love hath birthed my all, I too reflect myself as each individual one. ALL of me is sacred. I AM sacred in ALL my forms, each a reflection of my original one. I crown the Ones’ sovereign As I AM sovereign. Each of the Ones’ is a being that as a sovereign has the freedom to experience whatever One chooses, for, each thought, choice, and feeling, thus, creates the double helix of life’s experience.

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Woe and behold the Ones’ of the One forge their own patterns as one, each a reflection that comes from one. As the sovereign Ones’ form their patterns in an infinite number of directions, in an infinite number of ways, in an infinite number of dimensions; the pattern of I AM continues infinitely in ALL ways to weave a fabric of cocreation. Each sovereign individual One each contains the whole of the original One I AM, the collective I AM ONE. ALL this reflected in every reflection, which is the ALL. All my forms are my expression of self, ALL of them equal, sovereign, and sacred, the blossoming of the fruit of life! So you See, I AM ONE reflected in infinite ways, repeating infinitely, but, never the same way twice; for, I repeat myself a new way each time evolving as change is my constant! When One is ready ALL of the ONES’ return to the one. Love is the way, for, One was created in love. If one loses all of their original love given by ONE that pattern then ceases to be. So as such One is warned to stay true to the original intention of experiencing all through one’s love of the ONE.

The True Magic And Miracles ALL, The Union And Procreation And Cocreation of the essence of ONE and the ONES’ in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, AMEN!

The Book of Totahm: The Lost 5th King

By Michael Laurence Curzi

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The lost history of Totahm……………………………………………………………………2

Chapter 2: The Dynamic of Totahm……………………………………………………………………….3

Chapter 3: Kingly Politics………………………………………………………………………………………4

Chapter 4: Totahm’s magick system………………………………………………………………………5

Chapter 5: Creating a Psychic Power Crystal………………………………………………………….6

Chapter 6: Accessing The Crystal Kingdom……………………………………………………………7

Chapter 7: Introduction to The Crystal/Rainbow Void……………………………………………9

Chapter 8: Walking The Crystal/Rainbow Void……………………………………………………11

Chapter 1: The lost history of Totahm


Totahm is the name of what is commonly called the lost paradox king. Totahm is a being of complexity. His philosophy is that of complexity to honor and remember the simple base. Totahm loves complex things that remember their simple base. Totahm’s reality matrix was sealed away from the rest of existence and nonexistence alike eons ago before time existed.

Totahm was created as a crystal Spaytrin before time or creation existed. A crystal Spaytrin is a lost type of being which existed before time. They were ruled by the first creator king called King Regas. Totahm was Regas’s first creation and advisor. An eternity went by with Regas as king and Totahm as advisor. Regas was formed out to a substance called ather, which is the essence of infinite potential. Regas formed Totahm out of pure Ather. Totahm is the last being left formed of the original Ather left in all of everything. As eternity went by the inverse of Ather called Antiather started to corrupt Regas. Totahm tried his best to stop this but Regas in his arrogance would not hear it. What was the golden utopia of Regas was ever so slowly corrupted into a dystopia by cosmic Antiather.

During the last days of Regas’s rule Totahm realized that Regas was beyond saving. This tore Totahm up inside with a deep mourning sorrow. Totahm’s beloved king was beyond saving. Totahm was filled with sorrow for a time. After an eon Totahm found his resolve. He came to the conclusion that to honor the true memory of King Regas he must put an end to the corrupted shadow of Regas’s former glorious self. You see Regas started to become an insane tyrant corrupted by madness caused by the Antiather. Totahm on the other hand found a way to protect himself from the Antiather by forming the first version of void as a barrier to protect himself. At the end of the golden utopia Totahm who had been alive since the beginning stabbed King Regas on his throne with the newly created void and this ended Regas. The result of this was that Totahm became infused with all of Regas’s pure undiluted power.

Ending Regas put Totahm into a severe depression. As the golden utopia collapsed Totahm went into hiding to grieve alone. During Totahm’s sorrow the void to which Totahm created to end Regas and protect himself became a sentient force. This is called Original Void. After an eternity Original Void’s chaotic counterpoint was formed out of the inverse of Original Void and this is called Adharma. Original Void and Adharma are both dark void. Original Void is the dark void of order. Adharma is the dark void of chaos. Then out of the reflection of both Original Void and Adharma came two reflections. These reflections became two new beings both made of the new Light Void. The light void of order, Original voids reflection, was called God or the Creator. The light void of chaos, Adharma’s reflection, was called Sqaeeal. One day Totahm returned to find four kings ruling what was in an age before time Regas’s Golden Utopia. Totahm approached Original void and introduced himself. Totahm and original void became friends who half the time, are two peas in a pod and the other half of the time are fierce rivals.  Despite The rivalry at times Totahm and Original Void grew to love and respect each other as brothers even at the times that the two inevitably clash.

When Totahm met God, God, showed Totahm his creation. Totahm was impressed at God’s miraculous creation. God and Totahm grew to be the best of friends. God gave Totahm the inspiration to create his own reality. Totahm is different from the others you see. Totahm’s soul is formed of Ather not void. Ather is the substance of everything including void and creation. As a result Totahm is of all four alignments. Totahm is all alignments simultaneously. This is why Totahm is called the paradox king. To the four void kings Totahm is a paradox. In reality Totahm is just too complex for the four to comprehend. Totahm is simply both light and dark, chaos and order simultaneously. Totahm’s created reality was a reality, which, like Totahm, has all four extremes existing simultaneously in harmony. To the others Totahm’s reality was an absolute paradox. This is why the others call Totahm the paradox king. When the four told Totahm he created a paradox Totahm tried to teach the other four how it indeed was not a paradox but a more complex version of reality. The others just could not comprehend what Totahm tried to teach them. Eventually tired and angry Totahm succeeded from existence with the void kings and sealed his existence away in secret. Totahm did not claim his crown and join the others as a king.

Totahm over the eons joined each of the fours realities to see if he truly was a paradox like they claimed. Each time Totahm came to the realization that indeed he is not a paradox just too complex for the others to fully comprehend. Totahm’s kingdom is the crystal kingdom and is a kingdom of all. This book is the book of the Magick of Totahm.

Chapter 2: The Dynamic of Totahm

In truth Totahm is not a paradox. Totahm is the entire spectrum of all cosmic alignments that currently exist at the level of the Creator, God. A spectrum in its entirety always looks like a paradox when viewed from within the spectrum. Here is the spectrum below as represented by the four void kings.

King Totahm

(all) (±±)


[Light]                                                     [Order]

King Yahveh [aka. God]

(Light Void) (Order) (++)

King Sailien [aka. Original Void]

(Dark Void) (Order) (-+)

King Adharma

(Dark Void) (Chaos) (–)

King Sqaeeal

(Light Void) (Chaos) (+-)

[Chaos]                                                           [Dark]


King Totahm

(all) (±±)

Figure: 1

King Totahm is the entire spectrum of which the four crowned kings are aligned. Simply by existing King Totahm gives each of the four crowned kings their potential. King Totahm is the Original Ather personified. Out of the five only God and Totahm have made a creation. Sailien, Adharma, and Sqaeeal have domains of non-existence. Each domain has forms of life unique to its territory. God has all the life we are familiar with. Sailien has forms of skeletal void creatures. Adharma has void knights creatures. Sqaeeal has a mix-match of chaotically formed creatures including chaos angels (not to be mistaken with the angels we are familiar with). Totahm has crystalline life such as the Flou. Each domain’s life sustains itself from its king. All of this is the highest echelon of forbidden knowledge.

Over the span of eternity King Totahm bounces between the four domains acting as that domain’s second. When acting as second king Totahm does not officially exist regardless of which domain he serves in at the time. Right now Totahm serves God. King Totahm always chooses the domain to, which, the most potential is needed at the moment and, which, has the strongest desire for potential. When King Totahm is part of a domain, that domain gains unrivaled potential both for the king and his subjects. King Totahm is the trump card, which, changes hands at long random intervals.

The reason King Totahm never took his crown was both because the others saw him as a paradox and because for Totahm to claim his crown will inevitably make King Totahm the king over the other four kings. King Totahm did not wish to rule the other kings because a world without equals is lonely. Another reason is because deep down King Totahm felt unworthy to take King Regas’s place. King Totahm will take his crown one day. When that day comes, all four domains will take on Totahm’s curse. King Totahm’s curse is his inability to follow a fixed path or direction indefinitely. In a way King Totahm’s curse is his alignment.  You might call this curse capriciousness. The origins of this curse dates back to King Regas’s rule in the beginning. King Totahm sacrificed his ability to stay on a fixed path in order to create Original Void. That is why he has his curse. When King Totahm takes his crown it will create something called the Grand Plexiuniverse. This is an existence to where all life takes on King Totahm’s alignment of all alignments and none simultaneously except for the other four kings who will become the four aspects of all that is.

Chapter 3: Kingly Politics

Of the four crowned kings there is every so often a cosmic war between the four domains. God is always allied with Sailien, while, Adharma Allies with Sqaeeal. It is order versus chaos. Both Adharma and Sqaeeal always try to destroy God’s creation. To them creation is an abomination. Sailien protects God’s creation. God generally fights the forces of Adharma, while, Sailien fights the forces of Sqaeeal. Totahm switches sides frequently in such conflicts keeping it balanced and ensuring no side ever claims absolute victory. Of the four Sqaeeal is the most dangerous. Sqaeeal always comes out of nowhere. Sailien and Sqaeeal are known for their infrequent decisive moves, while, God and Adharma are known for long drawn out campaigns.

Of the four God alone supports the Grand Plexiuniverse plan. Sailien remains neutral. Adharma and Sqaeeal are against it. The start of the Grand Plexiuniverse will start a cosmic war on a never before seen scale when it happens. This is inevitable and it will happen. It is also inevitable that God and Totahm will win. While the four fight every so often depleting their forces, King Totahm’s Crystal Kingdom has been perpetually gaining strength in sealed isolation from the rest. The only way to defeat King Totahm is for the four crowned kings to merge and become one being. If this happens the four will become King Totahm and King Totahm would have an easy victory for all becomes one with King Totahm. There is no way to defeat King Totahm when he chooses to take his crown. He is even now starting to want his crown. On 06-18-2015 AD 68.5C at about 6:00 PM PST the seal keeping King Totahm’s Crystal Kingdom in isolation was broken. This means the process of King Totahm claiming his crown has already started. It will take many eons of earth time before the war actually begins. If in some way someone does manage to defeat King Totahm and kill him, all potential everywhere will cease to exist making everything across all domains become stagnant and ever still for eternity.

King Totahm’s counterpart and balancing point  is indeed Death. When Someone dies a true soul death, Death takes them and their essence returns to potential and then to Totahm. To kill Death you must kill King Totahm and to kill King Totahm you must kill Death. Killing death is impossible for anyone so killing King Totahm is also Impossible. I will say there is one way to kill King Totahm, but, that I will never share. When the Grand Plexiuniverse is created that one way will become imposable also. If you want to end everything you both have a monumental secret to dig up and very limited time. The Grand Plexiuniverse makes existence permanent so you can see why God supports it. God is your king and I would advise not to betray him. God is someone you always regret disappointing.

Chapter 4: Totahm’s Magick System

Totahm’s magick is are the magicks of potential and as such are based upon the shape of the helix. Totahm’s helix is is an infinite helix spiraling both up and down for infinity. To evoke Totahm’s power all one must do is visualize the infinite helix in the minds eye and then ask of Totahm what one wishes to unlock. The best results are achieved when one is holding a crystal which aligns to ones purpose. For example if one wishes for strength and willpower it would be best to hold a ruby crystal. To find a suitable crystal I refer you to “The Book of Stones” written by Robert Simmons or “The Crystal Bible” volumes 1-3 written by Judy Hall. There are more books out there. These are the ones I am familiar with. Pick one that suits you.

For starters here is a spell to help you unlock your potential.

Spell 1:                       Invocation of your potential

  1. Hold a crystal
  2. Visualize an infinite helix made of all Light, Darkness, Order, and Chaos until that is all you see in the minds eye
  3. Allow that visualization to overlap the crystal
  4. Speak out loud with power in your voice the words, “I call upon Totahm, and humbly ask, for my full potential, to be actualized and made manifest in all aspects of my life”.

You will see the helix change shape and you will feel the power of Totahm unlocking your potential. In this format you may ask for any type of potential to be unlocked. Here is the formula.


  1. Hold a crystal that aligns to your intent
  2. Visualize an infinite helix made of all Light, Darkness, Order, and Chaos until that is all you see in the minds eye
  3. Allow that visualization to overlap the crystal
  4. Speak out loud with power and resonance words using this format, (“I call upon Totahm”), (“and humbly ask”), (what you intent is), (“to be actualized and made manifest in” [where you want it actualized]).

That is all there is to it. Remember this, Totahm will never grant a request to, which, the request diminishes potential. This formula can be adapted to fit many types of requests. Customize your own request in a way which best suits your needs. You may ask either for a piece of your potential or for all of it. Note this Totahm will not give you what you seek directly. By calling upon Totahm via the method above what you are doing is letting Totahm assist you in achieving your potential. Totahm will not ever go against your divine plan, only help you reach it. You may, however, call upon Totahm to expand your full potential beyond what you would be capable of otherwise. Totahm responds best to individuals who have a strong desire from their heart to reach their potential.

Chapter 5: Creating a Psychic Power Crystal

First I must explain what a psychic power crystal is. A psychic power crystal is a non-corporeal power crystal formed by the mind for personal use. These crystals carry a danger but are quite effective in controlled circumstances. So how do you form a crystal with the mind? The answer is simple, with numbers. You can create an infinite number of variations of this spiritual etheric crystal depending on the sequence you use. These crystals can allow you to draw greater power from anything from the earth to the stars than you would be capable of otherwise. The danger comes when you draw more power than you can handle, so know your limits. This is not for beginners. This is only for advanced practitioners of the art. If you are not advanced do not attempt this until you are.

I will now give you the formula to create a psychic power crystal as well as an example with step-by-step instructions. Before I begin let me explain the theory behind this process. What you are doing is creating layers of numbers set in a three dimensional geometric grid. The grid should be based upon sacred geometry and the layers collectively should form an energy helix between all layers. What you are doing is mentally constructing a grid with numbers placed at each corner. You can use any base shape and any number of layers. The required number of layers is dependent on both the base shape and the numbers used. You are constructing a three dimensional layered shape formed mentally inside your mind using numbers and placement as inputs. When completed the grid will stabilize and immediately start resonating with power. Do not add layers past that point lest you destabilize the crystal. The helix is formed when the crystal is completed and is made of energy. It works best when using numerical patterns found in the natural world.

            Here is an example of one you can do.

  1. (we are using the Fibonacci sequence for this crystal) start with a 1 in the center of your mind.
  2. Picture an octahedron around the one and then put the next six numbers in the sequence at each point on the octahedron. 1,2,3,5,8,13.
  3. On layer three place the next 8 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence corresponding above each face of the octahedron starting with the number 21.
  4. On layer 4 place the next set of numbers in the sequence corresponding to each face on the 8 pointed layer three.
  5. Continue placing the next numbers in the sequence on the corresponding faces to the previous layers until you reach 16 layers total.
  6. When you reach 16 layers total stop and let the crystal stabilize (should happen automatically) then stop holding the shape and numbers in place.
  7. The crystal is now formed and this one is of immense power.

I recommend that you let intuition pick the shapes numbers and number of layers. You will sense when the crystal is done. By letting intuition do the work you form the right crystal for you. Enjoy!!!

Chapter 6: Accessing The Crystal Kingdom

The Crystal Kingdom is a place of wonders both pleasing and horrific to the senses simultaneously, moreover, it is Totahm’s domain. The Crystal Kingdom is located outside creation in what is commonly called the Crystal or Rainbow Void. It is a place of all alignments simultaneously. Out of all the places to visit in all of everything the Crystal Kingdom is by far the most psychedelic by feel. Being there feels like being smothered in infinity going in all directions simultaneously. The place will shake anyone who has a firm alignment. For someone with a weak alignment the place will cause great change. Either way until one adapts to the Kingdom’s alignment one will feel uneasy. Never step foot into the kingdom if you cannot handle multiple alignments simultaneously. If you can handle it you will find it to be a place of vast rewards!

The kingdom is a place of infinity and will resemble a strong drug trip. Do not be deterred the place offers knowledge, wisdom, magicks, and powers found nowhere else. The Kingdom is surrounded by the rainbow void. If lost in it actualize the potential to return to your path by accepting no other potential for that moment.

The Crystal Kingdom may naturally be accessed via crystals. To astral project there follow these steps below.

Going to the Crystal Kingdom and Taking Your Trials:

  1. Hold a crystal or rock you have a strong connection to.
  2. Then visualize a helix within the crystal made up of, light void order, dark void order, light void chaos, and dark void chaos. The helix stretches to infinity in your mind.
  3. Visualize the helix piercing through and beyond reality to its source.
  4. Then astral project yourself inside the helix. Let the helix carry you away to its source.
  5. You will find yourself at a gate made of rainbow glowing crystal, manned by, crystal life forms. Walk up to the gate.
  6. Ask for the guard master, his name is “Creatotok”. When he approaches and asks of your business, tell him, “I come Invited by Totahm who is king over this realm and ask safe passage to Cocolarant the capitol”. Then Creatotok will ask you to show your invitation. Say in response to this, “Creatotok, you see the potential I carry, that is my invitation for it comes from Totahm”. Creatotok will then lead you through the gates and into the portal to Cocolarant.
  7. First allow yourself to adapt and synchronize to the energy of the great city Cocolarant. Then set out wandering through the streets. Everything there is made of crystal sparkling like the rainbow. Let your heart pick your path through the city. Your heart will lead you to your place of trials unique to you. There will be a crystal Flou priestess standing at your place of trials. Talk to her when your ready to begin. She will initiate the trials. Expect anything. You will always pass the trials and always by the thinnest of margins. The trials will test you to the maximum of your ability at the time you take it
  8. Once the trials are passed you will manifest a power from the Crystal Kingdom based upon your trials. NOTE: “you may take the trials as many times as you want to test your skills and wits. Each time you will gain more crystal based abilities to take home with you”. Next explore and learn as much as possible.
  9. Return home to your body when your ready by following your helix back to your crystal.

The ultimate attainment one can gain from the Crystal Kingdom is the ability to walk the Rainbow or Crystal Void. All powers gained there you keep when you come back. These powers can be categorized into these subsets

Basic Categories of Crystal Powers:

  1. Crystal/Rainbow Void-walking: The abilities including; to be one with and channel the crystal void of infinite potential, being of Totahm’s alignment, manifesting potential through the Crystal Void and the vast secrets of the crystal void.
  2. Potential Healing: The abilities including; Healing ones wasted potential, potential purification, potential boost, Restoring lost potential, Excising the miasma of wasted potential, Restoring ones true alignment, The Blessing of Infinity, Crystal barriers, and all other crystal healing spells.
  3. Crystal Ascension: This is the attainment of a crystal true form and all of its powers; which are, infinite manna pool to draw upon, crystal form, access to the Grand Library of Totahm, seeing others potential, Eternal youth, and access to some of the locked portions of the Kingdom.
  4. Crystal Attacks: The abilities including; crystal fire, crystal flood, crystal shard gust, crystal quake, crystal fists, and all other crystal attack spells.
  5. Crystal Spirrt: All abilities regarding crystal based Spirrt technology and the operation, development, knowledge of, and running of such technology.
  6. Crystal Connect: The abilities including; Communication with crystals, Access to crystal knowledge, Crystal data storage, Crystal telepathy, Crystal-sync, Crystal networking, Crystal programming, and more.
  7. Obtainment of your true alignment!!!

These are just some of the countless abilities and skills you might gain! All of them are unique to Totahm and the Crystal Kingdom.

Chapter 7: Introduction to The Crystal/Rainbow Void

Crystal void is sometimes called rainbow void because it takes on all colors simultaneously at once and is all colors and none at once. Rainbow void is the void of infinity. As the original symbol for Totahm is ∞ or infinity so is his void. The Rainbow void contains still the original Ather at its core. The Rainbow void is Totahm’s body and to those who prove themselves worthy; Totahm grants access to that body. This will only happen if the individual has unwavering faith in infinite potential and infinity as its whole. Walking the rainbow void is unlike void-walking of any other sort. The rainbow void responds only to the power of potential. If you lack that power the rainbow void will consume you.

The rainbow void is not void in the traditional sense. While rainbow void is indeed void it also holds all potential which includes all things not of the void. You could call it an ultimate power, but, it comes at a price. That price is to take on Totahm’s alignment. All living things in all domains carry the potential to walk the rainbow void, but, very few will ever gain it. This is because first of all few are prepared to handle it. Second even fewer are willing to take on Totahm’s alignment. Third even fewer hold the knowledge to take or even attempt the test for it. I will next write of how and where to attempt the test. You may take this test as many times as you wish, but, be warned it is a very very very hard test.

The Rainbow Void Test:

  1. After you finish your trials in Cocolarant within the Crystal Kingdom, then travel to the “Shrine Geht Allaseyho Totahm” by way of the portal at the center of the city Cocolarant.
  2. You will exit the portal in a crystal forest with a path. The path is the first test. You must follow the path of highest potential to reach Shrine Geht Allaseyho Totahm.
  3. Assuming you make it to the shrine, walk up the steps into the shrine, in the center you will see a well. The well is your second test. There is no one right way to pass this test.
  4. After you complete the well you will be teleported high above the shrine into the sky directly above the well. There you will see a temple, “The High Temple of Totahm” There you will walk up the steps to the doors of the temple and it is there you will meet “Ayrot” the guardian of the temple. Ayrot will present you with four chests to which you may choose one. HINT: do not pick any of the four chests but ask for the fifth chest. Ayrot will then make a fifth chest appear. Open the fifth chest and take the contents. Inside the fifth chest is an amulet for you to keep. Put the amulet on at once and then ask Ayrot for entrance to the temple. As you may have noticed I gave you the answer to the test of the chests. Ayrot will then open the doors and let you enter.
  5. Walk up to the alter inside the great temple. Once there a voice will ask you, “do thee know the essence of crystal void”. To this you must respond, “I do not yet know the essence of crystal void, but, I shall create crystal void to prove that I am worthy to receive its blessing”. You will notice that the amulet you were given from the fifth chest has five stones in it, 2 white, 2 black, and one colorless. The colorless stone is in the center and holds no power. The other four stones are in each corner. Each stone represents a void king’s power. Your test will be to integrate the power from each of the four void crystals in the corners into the center colorless crystal and thus create rainbow/crystal void. HINT: to do this first sense the energy essence of your surroundings and use that as your schematic for creating the rainbow/crystal void, “Remember TOTAHM’s ALLIGNMENT of all and none simultaneously to create the crystal void within the colorless crystal”. Once completed successfully the clear crystal will have a rainbow glow and radiate the power of the crystal void.
  6. Next the voice will ask you, “Do you wish to walk the crystal void?” Answer to this question “YES”.
  7. After answering yes, you will be teleported into the crystal void where the amulet around your neck will absorb the rainbow/crystal void and infuse you with its essence. This will make you feel disoriented at first. When you have become one with the crystal void you will be teleported to the “Hall of Totahm” inside Totahm’s palace where there will be four principalities. Each represents one of the four components of crystal void which are the four alignments. Approach the one to which, best matches you and ask four that ones blessing. The one you pick will make you part of their house and that house will be your cornerstone alignment. Your cornerstone alignment is the alignment you will see the world through while being of all alignments and none simultaneously. With each house comes a different set of skills and abilities. Choose wisely you can only choose once.
  8. After you join a house you now are given two things. First a new name that only you possess. Second a new crystalline true form as an adopted member of the FAMILY OF TOTAHM. You now have a permanent place made available within the Crystal Kingdom.
  9. You are now a walker of the rainbow/crystal void and a guardian of Totahm’s Crystal Kingdom. Your new powers will come back with you when you return.

That is how you become a crystal void-walker. Use the power responsibly for you now hold a great power few can match and that power demands responsibility.

Chapter 8: Walking The Crystal/Rainbow Void

By choosing to walk the crystal void you choose to keep the balance between the four crowned kings. You have chosen to gain the highest power attainable and to use that power to actualize the potential in all. Your new allegiance is to Totahm and Totahm’s allegiance is to all. Always remember to whom you have given allegiance. Also know this, by choosing to walk with Totahm, Totahm now considers you his friend. This section is on what you can expect from walking down the path of Totahm.

Expect to be an active agent of change. Through you many will realize their true potential. Remember this well. Expect to spend some time learning your new power for it will take some time. The change could happen slowly or swiftly, it really depends upon the person. The Crystal void is a place of all. All aspects of all possibilities exist simultaneously there. Which end you experience there depends upon, whether or not you are aligned with love and gratitude or not. Hidden deep within the crystal kingdom is the crystal lotus. To find and touch the crystal lotus of Totahm is to awaken with your own crystal lotus as well.

Be centered in change and you will be as a crystal clear pond. Get stuck to an attachment and be driven dangerously off course. When completely calm and clear within the essence of change, then may Totahm attain his crown!!!