Mr Samir Modi: The Man Behind India’s First Direct-Selling Business

Financial independence can transform lives by empowering individuals to fulfil their dreams. Direct selling is a way to bring this vision to reality by bringing together leaders, innovators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs to achieve a single goal. Through direct selling, people from all walks of life can work and take a chance to reach their dreams. They can rediscover their confidence by becoming successful entrepreneurs. Let us learn more about Mr Samir Modi and his company to understand direct selling as a whole.

Mr Samir Modi

Mr Samir Modi is a leading entrepreneur who has an ambition to empower people to have a dream of financial independence and help them achieve their goals. He started his journey in the early ‘90s by working with major brands and served the role of a consultant for various direct-selling companies abroad. This helped him analyse different markets and buyer personas, and how to use the learnings to his advantage in India. He started his business endeavours in India at the age of 25 by launching India’s first direct-selling company, Modicare. The vision behind this business was to eliminate financial dependence among Indians so they could let their dreams come to life.

Mr Samir Modi also took over Colorbar Cosmetics, which was repositioned as a brand with exclusive yet affordable products. After this, he launched India’s first 24-hour retail store chain called Twenty-Four Seven which quickly became one of the most sought-after stores for daily and general necessities.

Introduction to Modicare

Modicare is India’s first direct selling company by Mr Samir Modi which has seen immense growth in the past few years. It became one of the fastest-growing direct-selling businesses in India with the guiding principles of Mr Samir K Modi who believes in the saying, “Soch Badlo, Khudko Badlo, Duniya Badlo” (change your thoughts, change your ways, and the world around you will change too). Their vision was to allow individuals to discover their true selves who want to become successful entrepreneurs with complete freedom of their finances.

Modicare consultants and distributors are not only financially independent but also have full confidence in themselves due to the opportunities they have. With more than 365 products across 14 categories, Modicare provides a one-stop solution to customers’ everyday needs. Each product is made from high-quality materials that ensure total customer satisfaction without a miss.

Structure of the Company

Modicare has a simple structure that includes registered consultants and distributors who are responsible for selling Modicare products to customers across 2700 cities in India. The registered consultants of Modicare are driven to achieve their dreams by building a successful business. To begin with the journey of becoming a consultant, one has to use the mobile application and get access to the business portal. By using their Digital Training Hub, individuals can get product training modules at their fingertips. Modicare believes in building personal customer service which is why the consultants recommend products according to the customer needs. They explain all the features, benefits, and usage of the product so that customers know everything before making a purchase. The beginning may have little success but eventually, loyal consultants get business success jumps many folds.

Categories They Offer

This company by Mr Samir Modi offers a plethora of categories to their customers ranging from home care to fragrances. Among their 14 categories, the following are the most popular ones among customers:

Personal Care

The personal care category of Modicare includes products that are used by customers for personal hygiene and self-care. They have a wide range of soaps, toothpaste, shampoos, and more. Many of the products in this category are top-selling due to their outstanding quality.

Food & Beverages

Modicare has curated a top-class food and beverages category for individuals who want to consume healthy and nutritious items. The majority of the products in this category have ingredients that come with many health benefits. Individuals who choose products by Modicare always come back as each product guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.


The ever-expanding categories of Modicare also include wellness products. Keeping in mind the busy lifestyle of their customers, they have launched products that cater to their diverse needs. Each product is formulated using nutrient-rich ingredients so individuals can maintain a healthy life. With these products, Modicare has brought international-level quality to the Indian market.


Modicare features a complete range of skincare products that promise to provide customer delight. The products ensure high standards as they have been extensively tested and are cruelty-free. All of the skincare products are made with authentic ingredients and formulae to offer the best results on every skin type.

From entrepreneurs to customers, Modicare has assured total satisfaction among everyone. To become a part of this company by Mr Samir Modi, take a look at the official website or connect with a Modicare registered consultant/distributor near you.