Morwell Family Lawyers

Morwell is located in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley region. This city boasts an extensive paper manufacturing industry which produces unbleached kraft linerboard, fluting medium, bag and sack papers as well as unbleached fluting medium.

Morwell is home to many family law firms that can provide legal solutions. These attorneys specialize in areas like divorce, child custody, adoption and property settlement among others.

Divorce is the legal end of marriage. This may entail complex issues like child custody, spousal support and property division that need to be resolved quickly and fairly. A skilled Morwell family lawyers can guide you through this process in order to achieve optimal results for both sides.

Unless negotiations succeed, your attorney can file for a divorce trial before either a judge or jury. At trial both spouses present evidence and witnesses before being presented their verdict regarding child custody, financial support and property division by the court.

If both spouses agree on all issues, an uncontested divorce can be finalized much more quickly and less stressfully than its contested counterpart. A lawyer can also assist in legal separation arrangements which allow couples to live apart while seeking resolution of differences; legal separation also clarifies which debts remain joint versus which are becoming sole responsibility of each partner, providing another cost-cutting alternative than divorce.
Child Custody

After the dissolution of a marriage, courts must decide who will provide care for their child(ren). This process is known as custody. They’ll decide if one parent should have sole physical custody or share joint custody between both of them; additionally, visitation rights may be awarded if judge determines this would be best for the child.

Courts make child custody decisions when one parent files a petition in family court and there is a trial or as part of divorce proceedings. While an action is ongoing, they may issue temporary orders.

If the court grants one parent sole legal custody, that person can make decisions regarding education, religion and health care without consulting with either of their other parents. Visitation rights will still exist on a set schedule but child support payments may need to be made directly to the custodial parent.

When adopting, it is essential to seek legal assistance as early as possible. A family law attorney will explain all steps involved and help avoid legal setbacks during the adoption process, attend court hearings on your behalf, and find an agency. Adoption can be an extremely complex and emotional issue so early legal assistance should be sought as much as possible.

Aston legal Group of Morwell is an established family law firm, serving clients throughout Gippsland and Latrobe Valley. Specializing in criminal law, family and de facto relationships, property law, commercial law, wills & estate planning matters as well as domestic violence issues – they are dedicated to helping people resolve legal matters quickly & efficiently.