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If you’re considering buying an iPhone many people aren’t sure whether to purchase an second-hand iPhone or a pre-owned one. It’s tempting to go online and find someone who is selling an older phone after having upgraded and could save some money in the process. However, is this worth taking the risk?

There are many confirmations that acquiring a second-hand iPhone bygone a new phone is a great option. Here are five points to take into consideration when buying the second-hand iPhone:

1. YOU CAN Make A BETTER Refurbished IPHONE

The elementary reason of user buyers of used iPhones is the desire to buy as affordable price as they can. However, they frequently end up purchasing a phone that isn’t in the most excellent condition and create wear and tear themselves. If you buy a refurbished iPhone most likely, it’ll be at least one generation older than the older iPhone that is being sold used.


Because the refurbished iPhones are brand new they will have the highest storage capacity available for a specific model. As an example, suppose the friend’s used iPhone is only 16GB of storage, there are models that have up to 256GB storage available to purchase, which is much more useful today!

3. REFURBISHED IPHONE IS Good more then old phone

by reason of refurbishment is a given, and since iPhones are brand new or more likely to perform as expected. It’s very easy to break older phones in the smallest fall or slip off your fingers we are all aware that mishaps can happen! The worst thing you could have to have is a damaged phone, especially when it’s time to post pictures of your kids to Facebook and Instagram!


If you purchase a used iPhone is included with documentation and the person selling the phone to you should be able answer any concerns regarding where they bought the phone from or when it was purchased it was. The phones that are used are usually in a state of unknown condition, so when there’s a problem due to this lack of information the seller could argue that you are the one to blame. Refurbishing an iPhone is the better alternative!


If cost is the only issue, then an old iPhone is the ideal option for you. iPhones can be expensive to buy new, and they decrease in value much more quickly than other devices and so if you’re trying to save money on every acquisition, it should be considered!


The most important thing to remember when buying a used iPhone is to purchase it from a specialist technician. They’ll be able to guide you through the steps of locating the perfect used iPhone to meet your requirements – and assist you in avoiding fraudulent products and shoddy products.

If it’s time to make an upgrade to your phone, why don’t you consider buying used? We provide Ireland’s most extensive range of certified refurbished handsets that are equipped with the most recent technology and features. If you’re looking for a reliable iPhone that is sure to be free of problems or damages, visit mobigarage. We provide full warranty and guarantee our used devices with full insurance in the event that something happens to it.

Refurbished vs. Renew iPhone What’s the final verdict?

For quick refreshers Refurbished and renewed iPhones are quite identical. after all, the “refurbished” typically refers to components which were repaired, and the term “renewal” generally is used to describe parts which were changed.

Which one is superior? It is all dependent on your circumstances and what one is right for you. If you have an iPhone that you are planning to keep for the next few years, then getting it updated by replacing certain components is the option.

Renew your iPhone at Mobigarage Today.

Now that you’re an expert in refurbished and renewed iPhones and iPads, you’ll be able to investment this is best match for your needs at any of Mobigarage location.

If you’re looking to have your iPhone repaired let our experts take a take a look today. In addition to iPhones we also repair tablets, computers as well as other smartphone brands. It is also possible to trade in the older iPhone and use the proceeds towards a new model.

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