Microneedling vs dermarolling: Know which is the best

Do you know skincare, after all, is for everyone!) I’m delighted you’ve come back. It means you’re incredibly anxious to learn all of the skincare tips and tricks you’ll need to get beautiful skin.

 There are many fads and quick-fix remedies out there that claim to “guarantee” skin benefits while leaving you out of pocket with your skin in worse shape than when you started, similar to dieting. Take my hand in yours, my darlings, and accompany me in the world of Microneedling vs Dermarolling! Let’s put these skincare competitors to the test and see who wins! The winner may take your skincare to a new level.

 I know there’s a lot of skincare information out there, and microneedling appears to be extremely dangerous! But have no fear, I’ll be there to assist you.


Microneedling is another name for collagen induction therapy (CIT). It’s a pen with fine needles that punctures the skin, sending signals to the skin to help it heal and regenerate. This can help with a range of skin concerns by increasing collagen formation, cell turnover, and elastin development. A qualified specialist can only perform this treatment. In the near term, microneedling creates microscopic channels (tiny holes) in the epidermis. It’s similar to a tattoo gun, except it’s less unpleasant and doesn’t go as deep. Don’t freak out!

DermarollingThis is a small paintbrush with tiny needles on it that are meant to do the same thing as dermabrasion but in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Microneedling into your skincare routine:

-Improves the production of collagen and elastin

-Reduces scarring

-Aids in the reduction of hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and black spots.

-Helps with Acne

I planned my microneedling appointment with the same person who micro bladed my brows (she’s lovely), and I’m sure she won’t mind if I mention her because I’m hoping that most of you will be seeing her by the end of this! – I’ll also tag her on Instagram, where you can message her to schedule an appointment.

So, while having my fabulous brows done by Tracey at House of Beauty in Wimborne, Dorset, I told her about a plethora of skin problems I was having (sorry, Tracey). After listening to my continual skin grumbles, she introduced me to the world of microneedling and how it may assist me. After my brow had healed, I arranged an appointment right away.

I was looking forward to the big day. The procedure begins with a thorough facial scrubbing and cleaning, followed by applying a topical numbing cream. A micropen’s needles are completely sterile and only used once. I was surprised that I couldn’t feel anything; in fact, the only sensation I had was an itch on the bridge of my nose! (Isn’t that wonderful?) While you are micro needled, hyaluronic acid will be used to penetrate deep into the skin and meet all of your hydration needs. After that, you’ll unwind with a cooling, refreshing face mask that absorbs into your skin and is rich in vitamins. The entire event took around an hour to finish.

After microneedling, you will appear sunburned, and you will feel sunburned after the numbness wears off. Please avoid touching your skin, exfoliating, or putting harsh products on your face, including cosmetics. In fact, for at least 24 hours, I would refrain from using any form of a product. I’d also wait two to three days before applying any harsh treatments until the redness has completely faded. After a treatment, having a pair of Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks on hand is typically a brilliant idea. While your skin regenerates, you may experience dryness and flaking. I planned a second treatment when my skin had fully recovered since my skin has never looked better!

After that, I arranged my third visit (giving myself at least four weeks between each appointment).

Scars on my face have almost faded (thanks to three-year-old Frankie for scratching chickenpox *big thumbs up*), and I am enjoying all of the above benefits! I’m looking forward to another treatment (sorry, Corona; I’ll have to wait). I can’t recommend this treatment enough because it makes your usual skincare products so much more effective and delivers on its claims.

I would recommend at least four sessions because the needle depth may increase with time. Another fantastic feature is that it lasts up to 6 months, allowing you to see the results over time! My skeptic mother (who is opposed to several “procedures”) is considering booking because the effects were so remarkable.

So, what was it about the results that made them so good?!

To begin, the treatment is administered by a trained expert, which, let’s face it, makes a significant difference. Because the needles used are single-use, there is no chance of bacteria penetrating the skin. The hand glides across the skin with even pressure, and the pen, not the user, controls the depth, resulting in precise and controlled skin injuries with no risk of micro-tears. All of this adds up to a quick, low-risk healing process with MAXIMUM results.


Dermarolling is available in a range of sizes and prices on the internet. Dermarolling consists of only two steps: cleaning your face and rolling. It’s usually painless because the needle depth isn’t as great as with a microneedling pen. I found that dermarolling didn’t create undeniable results and that it not only caused me to break out and some sections of my skin to become scabby. No extensive study comparing the benefits of derma rolling with microneedling has been conducted. BUT, this isn’t to suggest you won’t see results or that it’s ineffective (I’ll explain why later).

So, why did dermarolling cause me to experience negative consequences?

To begin with, derma rolling needles are not sterile; in fact, even cleaning them will not destroy all bacteria, potentially leading to breakouts and infection.

-The depth to which the material penetrates the skin is beyond your control.

-Uneven pressure can cause these channels to be unequal.

By inflaming, breaking out, flaking, or reddening your skin, micro-tears can cause long-term skin damage. They compromise the skin’s barrier (which we don’t want!).

-Using a derma roller regularly poses the risk of the needles bending and blunting

Therefore, when microneedling vs dermarolling is compared, you are likely to see some changes and get to know microneedling results are best overall.

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