Easiest Methods to Convert/Move/Save Multiple PST Files as PDF Document

In this blog post, I’ll explain the simplest way to convert PST files to PDF files on Windows that include attachments. Thus, if you’re interested, keep reading this blog. By the conclusion, you’ll be able to easily convert many PST files into PDFs in one go. We are quite familiar with the advantages of the PDF file format. Thus, saving the PST data in PDF format is a smart choice. Let’s examine why:

Benefits of the Adobe PDF File

  • No one can alter PDF data under any circumstances. Users consider storing the data in a PDF document to be safe for this reason.
  • Because password-protection features increase security even further, it is often used in legal operations.
  • As a result, it continues to be the top concern for attorneys as it protects their evidence from harm.
  • Quick access to the data in the PDF file is quite simple.

Softaken PST to PDF Converter by Experts to Convert PST files to PDF.

The expert method for quickly & easily converting PST files to PDF on Windows with attachments is to use Softaken PST to PDF Converter. With the tool’s dual choices, users can choose which files to convert into PDF format or choose many files at once.

This tool allows users to export files from any background. It uses straightforward procedural procedures that are easy for anyone to follow.

  • Users can transfer files from PST to PDF without installing Outlook on the device; this is a fully independent method of file migration.
  • To ensure that users have chosen all necessary PDF files, there is a “Preview” option.
  • A log report is produced after the process is complete. All the information required for the conversion procedure is contained in the file.
  • All Windows OS versions, including Windows 11, Windows 10 S, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and so on, can successfully use the utility.
  • As a sample feature, the program creates PDFs from the initials of a few files in each folder for free.

How Do I Convert a PST File to a PDF File?

Here are the particular steps involved in exporting PST files to PDFs:

  • On a Windows PC, install the PST to PDF Converter program.
pst to pdf converter
  • Use menu choices such as “Add File” and “Add Folder” to load PST files.
browse pst
  • Make benefit of the “Remove” and “Remove All” options to deselect any or all of the PDF files.
  • Users can select just the pertinent PDF files by marking them.
pst file preview
  • Under “Select Storage Options,” select the PDF export option.
  • Select the “Export” button at the end to start the PDF-to-PDF conversion.
export pst to pdf

Most Commonly Asked Question

Will it be possible for me, as a user without technical experience, to convert the PST file format to PDF without any problems?
In response, sure. There are no such difficult-to-complete technical phases in the functioning operation. So don’t worry—you can export PST to PDF with ease, regardless of your history as a user.

Is it possible for this tool to convert a whole PST folder into a PDF in one go?
Yes, this tool easily converts the whole Outlook file folder into a PDF at once.

Is it possible to test the operation of the procedure beforehand using a free demo?
Yes, users are able to import a trial version of the first few Outlook files into PDF for free.

Is the file size subject to any restrictions?
No, there aren’t any size limitations like that; users are free to import files of any size.

Let’s Review,

As of right now, users won’t have any problems while converting PST files to PDF on Windows that include attachments. You are the ideal and most straightforward answer, as I have said. Before purchasing its license version, users can try it out for greater pragmatic clarity.