Make your COVID-19 pregnancy SAFE and HEALTHY for your baby’s health

How does COVID affect your baby growing in your belly?

Indeed! The COVID situation has affected everyone’s lives greatly. Especially the women who are trying to get pregnant or pregnant at this point, are worried about how their baby health will get affected. No doubt, when you visit the leading IVF centre to begin your infertility treatment in Punjab, the renowned fertility doctor will give you detailed information. Leading IVF centre will make sure that your treatment plan includes the test tube baby cost as per your condition. This is the reason, the initial evaluation is extremely important. One such name is Dr. Neelu Koura who has helped countless childless couples to conceive by undergoing IVF treatment.

Now talking about COVID and how it can affect the baby growing inside you. The research done till now has shown that for the most part, the placenta will not reach the infants, even if the mother is infected with COVID. It has been noted that it’s just the 5% count in which a mother tested positive will have their baby born infected. Thankfully, the count is extremely low.

But, on the other hand, such women are at increased risk of needing to get admitted to the ICU. Even the mortality rate is around 70% which increases the chances of premature delivery to a great extent. If you have conceived through IVF, then make sure to visit the IVF centre on the scheduled appointment whether your doctor is in any part of Punjab.

Is there a risk of premature birth?

Premature birth does put the infant’s life at risk. There are high chances that they will experience lifelong complications like heart problems, impaired mental development, respiratory problems, immune system impairments, and much more.

Increased problem due to fever

If the pregnant woman has a fever between 100°-102° then it increases the risk that fetus development is affected. Especially, if the fever occurs in the initial 8 weeks then it can lead to heart and jaw development issues.

Take preventive measures and follow doctors advice

Whether you are pregnant or you are trying to conceive, you must get yourself vaccinated. When and how? For that, you should talk to the doctor. No matter, if there is an issue that is stopping you from getting the vaccination done on a prompt basis then take the doctor’s assistance. Till the time, you cannot get yourself vaccinated, you need to follow all the necessary preventive measures & take the best care of yourself. Protecting and taking care of yourself is the only way your baby will grow properly & there won’t be any sort of health issue. This is why we recommend you to visit the leading IVF centre and start your pregnancy journey knowing about everything in detail. If something is not right or you are confused about something then talk to your fertility expert or gynae. When you take care of yourself your baby’s health will automatically be fine.

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