Make the most of the primary types of threaded fasteners for your project

Threaded fasteners are a vital part of the project

Fasteners are the most important part of the project, if the one which is used is not right then you expect the results to go all around. It’s the mechanical feature of the fasteners which allows 2 or more objects to join with each other. No doubt, the ways are endless like adhesives, crimping, brazing, and much more, but people always opt for fasteners.

This is the reason, the Fasteners Suppliers are always on their toes to ensure the client’s requirements are fulfilled under the said deadline. Easy to install and easy to move, that’s all you want which can be fulfilled with the fasteners as there are variegated options.

Primary types of threaded fasteners

The leading Fasteners Manufacturer always ensures that the clients get just the best and there is no way quality can be compromised in any sense. Let’s have a look down at the primary categories of threaded fasteners which you need to know about.

Threaded fasteners 1: Screws

One of the most used and common categories is screws. These are even cylindrical along with a metal piece & threaded down to the surface from the sides. The screw-top contains a head that can be easily driven down is the different object or piece which needs to be used. For the specific screw of the head, the specific head driver needs to be used, so that installation is done with ease. Talking about the screw types are available in different options like:

  • Machine screws
  • Hex screws
  • Concrete screws
  • Lag screws
  • Wood screws
  • Drywall screws
  • Self-tapping screws

Threaded fasteners 2: Nuts

Nuts are another common category that is highly used to make the project go in the right direction. These have a circular-shaped piece in the metal material & then comes the threaded interior surface. The nuts can be used along with the bolt so that it makes it easier for the objects to join together. As the nut is turned, the bolt is driven as per the direction you choose to turn it.

Considering the different shapes are there, will make it easier to carry out the installation process and in the further process, less effort is needed.

Threaded fasteners 3: Bolts

Another common type is bolts which are different as compared to screws. The use of bolts is perfect to join together the unthreaded objects with each other. Moreover, the designing of the bolts is done considering the same which is the reason they make the best choice in different ways.

MIG Enterprises has all sorts of fasteners for you

No matter what your fastener needs are, MIG Enterprises is here to fulfill the same for you. If you want the fasteners in bulk and you have a specific demand, then make sure to let us know about the same. Our aim is to always ensure the quality is not compromised and you get the desired fastener at a competitive price.

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