Magento 2 Product Configurator | Personalised Approach Leads to High Conversion Rate

Who doesn’t appreciate a personal touch in a product they buy? Providing consumers with what they want is at the heart of every company. The easiest way to do this is to ask your consumers what they want!

The latest trend in the eCommerce world is product customisation. It is the newest strategy and may offer your company an advantage. When carefully designed, eCommerce product modification and personalisation bring value to your business.

Little do people know that Magento 2, one of the best eCommerce tools out there, can fully configure a product on an online business website. This post will reveal the best tips on how to configure your products using Magento 2.

Product Configurator in Magento for Personalised User Experience

Product customisation enables you to create good relationships with consumers. It also makes your company genuine with a human touch. But this is not all. There are additional benefits to providing product customisation in eCommerce.

Customisation has been at the forefront of the trends of the world’s biggest companies for years. A few examples of this are Coca-Cola bottles and Nutella jars with your name on them, or a Burberry scarf with a personalised, embroidered design. Every client wants to feel special and have something one-of-a-kind, customised, and personalised. That’s why more physical and online businesses have tools for customers to design their own products.

Offering product customisation for Magento 2 shop owners means  customers can upload files or pictures when they buy. For example, when making an order for customised goods, the client may wish to include the logo file. So, with the Magento 2 Order Attachment extension, customers may upload their attachments in a PDF, doc, image, or GIF.

What is Product Configurator & Why It’s Worth Implementing

A product configurator is a software program that acts as a repository for all the attributes and features of a certain product. The configuration logic has already determined the solutions provided by a product configurator.

The product configurator shows the product rules that need to be completed by your consumers. This must be done before the order is sent to the manufacturing team. The manufacturing team then has a complete blueprint that acts as the guide before the actual creation of the product begins.

Essentially, the product configuration is a two-way street between the product configurator and the end user. First, the user selects a feature; the config engine verifies the selection. Then, the user may go to the next step to further improve their product listing on their website.

How to Implement Configurators on Magento

Some companies use the customiser to display the high-end or complex product combinations they have created. This gives potential customers a better visual.

Businesses often want to include these types of solutions into their websites. This provides a better customer experience for those consumers who like to customise their purchases. Particular requirements are met while satisfying the natural desire for creativity. It also means the customer becomes emotionally engaged.

In fact, compared to those who buy pre-made shoes, customers who create their own shoes give businesses a 50% high Net Promoter Score. Net Promoter Score is a standard method to evaluate customer loyalty.

Configuration management saves your settings to a file that you can then publish across your environments. This file, config.php, ensures that your settings are consistent across all domains. It reduces downtime by switching from static deploy to build, and does a lot more. This section has instructions for customising your options, exporting the file, and deploying it.

Key Takeaways

Customisation is now the most significant trend in both brick-and-mortar and internet retail. It is based on the idea that everyone is more willing to purchase unique and tailored goods to their own requirements. The interactive configurator is one tool that fits this trend nicely. Its primary benefit is creating a completely customised product. And right in front of the customer’s eyes!

A functional configurator is a tool that connects the customer to your business.  This tool enables them to understand your offer better, boosting the volume of your sales.

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