LoginID: Goodbye Passwords!

People have used passwords for authentication and security purposes for a long time, and it has been causing inconvenience ever since. True, they might be necessary, but how many times have people tried to remember them, had difficulty typing them, and had been caught up in fraudulent activity?

Many people also use different usernames and passwords to access a myriad of services and applications, making it more difficult to remember them all. In truth, passwords are one of the root causes of data breaches.

It has contributed to increased risk of fraud on consumer accounts, network-level attacks, and more and more companies experience crippling security breaches. Many hackers are employing more sophisticated tactics motivated by money to acquire personal information or highly valued data to compromise.

Fortunately, advances in security methods, particularly the emergence of biometrics technology, might replace the use of traditional passwords soon. Biometrics authentication refers to security processes that authenticate or verify an individual’s identity through unique biological traits such as fingerprint, facial characteristics, voices, and even retinas. 

As the data mentioned are unique to individual users, biometric identity verification is, therefore, more secure than traditional multi-factor authentication. More importantly, it addresses the need for speed and convenience as people will not go through complex login and verification processes when trying to access an application or site.

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