Liver tumor surgery cost in India – All you need to know

A liver tumor is a type of cancer that targets the cells of the liver. Liver malignancies can be limited to the liver in the early stages, but they may spread to other parts of the body as they progress. Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common type of liver cancer in the world. Several therapy options have been identified to cure liver cancer.  Surgery includes hepatectomy or liver transplant, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Also, direct injection of chemo medicines or pure alcohol into the liver, targeted therapy, radiofrequency ablation or cryoablation, and immunotherapy are options. Liver tumor surgery costs in India can vary across private and public hospitals.

What is liver cancer, its stages, and how is it treated?

The creation and growth of harmful cancer cells in the liver causes liver cancer, a fatal disease. The liver is a huge glandular organ in our bodies located immediately below the ribs in the right upper quadrant of the belly. The liver’s main job is to eliminate poisons and poisonous compounds from the body. Bile is produced by the liver to aid in the digestion of lipids, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Primary liver cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the liver. Secondary or metastatic liver cancer occurs when cancer spreads from other regions of the body to the liver. Liver cancer impairs the human body’s day-to-day operations by destroying healthy cells, preventing the liver from making bile, and filtering blood. Using various surgical treatments such as chemo and radiation therapy to remove or destroy these cancer cells provides a precise approach to treating liver cancer. Visit several online healthcare sites to find out how much liver tumor surgery costs in India.

The cancer stage is an important measure of the disease’s progress and severity. It aids in the creation of a treatment plan, determining the prognosis of liver cancer, and referring patients to cancer experts in India’s leading hospitals. Based on the progression of cancer, the phases are commonly split into four categories:

In India, how much does liver tumor treatment cost?

Finding the finest hospital for liver tumor treatment is the first step toward receiving adequate treatment. Several websites can help you locate India’s best liver tumor hospital that provides inexpensive liver tumor treatment. However, the cost comprises various components that must be included, causing liver tumor surgery costs in India to change. The cost of diagnostic tests, CT scans, blood tests, other types of treatment, the patient’s age and health condition, hospital fees, and doctor fees are all examples of these components. In India, however, non-surgical liver tumor treatment is less expensive than surgical liver tumor treatment. Therefore, the cost of liver tumor treatment in India may vary between USD 2000 and USD 5500.  However, the expense of liver cancer treatment in India is a fraction of what it is in wealthy countries. Let’s look into the details.

What are the treatment options for liver cancer in India?

The liver tumor surgery cost in India varies depending on the scope of the treatment. The treatments vary depending on the approach used. The type of treatment for liver cancer is determined by the size of the tumor, the presence of liver cirrhosis, and the stage of the disease. Let’s talk about the most prominent liver cancer therapy options.

Partial Hepatectomy

Liver resection, also known as partial hepatectomy, is a surgical technique that eliminates the malignant tumor from the liver. Hepatectomies are only performed when the patient is in good health. Furthermore, all of the tumors can completely be removed while still leaving a healthy liver, or a single tumor that hasn’t developed into blood vessels can be left. Hepatectomy costs in India range from USD 4600 to USD 5000.


Chemotherapy is a medicine used intravenously or orally to treat liver cancer. In India, the cost for chemotherapy ranges from USD 200 to USD 600 for each cycle.

There’s a more critical procedure that you must learn about if you are considering the liver tumor surgery cost in India.

Liver Transplant

A liver transplant is another effective therapeutic option for liver cancer. Small tumors that have not migrated to adjacent blood arteries can be treated with a liver transplant. However, it is usually only indicated if a patient has only one tumor up to 5 cm in diameter or 2-3 tumors that are each less than 3 cm in diameter. Meanwhile, you must learn that a liver transplant is not possible if cancer has metastasized or spread to other body regions. The cost of a liver transplant in India ranges from USD 38000 to USD 42000.  Liver cancer is a complex disease to overcome. Even with excellent treatment, liver cancer may not completely disappear, so it’s vital to be cautious. Experts suggest that patients should do blood and imaging tests regularly. You can also check out various healthcare websites that will give you an overall idea of the liver surgery procedures and liver tumor surgery costs in India.

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