Let’s understand the circle of full-term pregnancy and delivery timing

Have you just found out you are pregnant? Or Are you planning to start your family?

The feeling of being a mother is unable to explain in words as it comes with joy, excitement, nervousness, and stress. Indeed! Planning for this phase of life can bring a huge change that you have not even imagined. Whether you conceived through the IVF cycle by getting your treatment planned from the leading IVF centre or you have conceived naturally & to better plan for your pregnancy you consulted the gynaecologist in Punjab.

Do you know?

The IVF cost of the fertility treatment depends on multiple factors which the doctor will take into account when you visit the fertility clinic. Talking about the average cost then it is around Rs 60,000.

Full-term pregnancy (39 to 40 weeks)

A full-term pregnancy is said to be the term when the fetus grows for around 39 to 40 weeks. This is said to be enough time for the fetus to develop completely. Although talking about some parts of the medical community, its definition varies a lot. In the past, the full-term pregnancy was considered between 37 to 42 weeks. As the research kept on going, it came to light that babies born before 39 weeks are more likely to have health issues. With that said, it is pointed out that 39 weeks is the ideal time for a full-term pregnancy. When you visit the IVF centre, the fertility expert in Punjab will guide you with everything so that your pregnancy journey goes smoothly.

Is there anything I can do to make pregnancy go safely?

Although, there is no hard and fast rule which allows you to control your pregnancy. Although, there are certain factors that you can follow to live a healthy lifestyle:

  • Get the prenatal vitamin with folate

At least 1 month before conception, you have to take the prenatal vitamin which is essential for the fetal to have proper brain & spine development. Keep your diet balanced and filled with all the essential nutrients.

  • Known the food items which are not right

Some of the food options which you need to stop taking are uncooked meat, unpasteurized cheese, and unwashed produce that are not safe for pregnant women. If you are not careful then you have 10 times more chances of getting infected.

  • Be regular to your exercise regime

Keeping yourself healthy and fit are important in every way possible. At least for 30 minutes exercise on the moderate level. Apart from that, cut back on the consumption of cigarettes & alcohol.

Bear in mind, during pregnancy the hormones change a lot and you should talk to your health care provider about the same on how to manage everything.

If my delivery is before or after full-term, does it mean the due date was not right?

NO! There is no such thing as that. You might be surprised to know that, ‘Only 5% babies are delivered on the said due date. Additionally, the exact delivery date should be when the fetal development is not at any risk or the infant does not have any sort of health issues.’ So, if your delivery is slightly before or after the 39 to 40 weeks it does not mean the due date is incorrect.

Wrap up

Delivery timing is not under your control. From your end, you have to make sure to take every possible measure you can, so that your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible. If there is any doubt, then do consult your IVF doctor or gynae right away.

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