Know The Top 5 Substitutes To Dating Apps Like Tinder

Swiping, liking, and meeting virtually or digitally have become common in today’s world. Which was that platform that started the trend? It is Tinder. The California-based geosocial networking application has enabled people to expand their social circles. But is Tinder the only dating app that is very popular? No, there are several alternatives too. Let us explore the golden opportunity when you create a Tinder clone

How will the global dating industry grow in the years to come? 

  • The virtual dating sector will surpass a value of $11.03 billion by 2028. Importantly, it is expected to grow by 5.6% for the next 7 years. 
  • What are the main reasons for this? Smartphone penetration and affordable mobile data plans are the reasons why users are hooked to dating. Moreover, youngsters in the age group of 18-25 are the main user base for dating apps. 
  • Further, the biggest regions where dating remains popular are Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. This is because of Artificial Intelligence (AI), more singles yearning to find love, and premium features like unlimited matches, boost, super likes, rewinds, and top picks.

The major features of a Tinder-like dating application are

Social media login mechanism – Users can instantly sign in by linking their email addresses and social networks. This enables them to find a like-minded person easily. 

Instant messaging option – 2 people can set sparks rolling by tapping the live chat button. They can send emojis, texts, and GIFs round the clock. 

Add Bio – Members can easily create a profile on an app like Tinder. They need to upload photos, add information about their interests and passions, and undergo a selfie verification. Besides that, they can include some lines about their professional and personal lives. 

Technical Support Desk – Users can sort out different problems by contacting the help centre. They will receive prompt support for issues like age verification, data storage, renewal of subscription plans, changing of passwords, processing of transactions, and concerns with privacy and security. 

Voice and Video Call buttons – Once two persons start conversing for a certain period, they can get closer. They can use the voice and video call buttons to get into their comfort zone. Likewise, if one person starts an audio or a video call, their potential match will receive a notification. They can accept or reject it. Moreover, a preview is available for both users. Thus, they can adjust their hairstyle and outfit before getting on the call. 

Personalized Suggestions – Users will receive a set of recommendations based on their interests, likes, and geographical locations. Thus, they can press the like or dislike button after seeing profiles. 

You can use technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and send matches to members based on their swiping habits and frequency of usage. 

The acclaimed virtual dating apps in 2021


Date, Bizz, and BFF are the 3 kinds of accounts on Bumble. Started by Whitney Wolfe in December 2014, the American dating application gives more preference to women. This is because they can initiate the conversation first even when they swipe a man. 

Besides that, the Texas-based dating application has predicted some trends for 2022. It comprises Resetters, Hobby Dates, Power Public Display of Affection (PDA), and Explore-Dating. Thus, the future of relationships will evolve to virtual dating, singles falling into love, and like-minded people getting connected by hobbies. 


America’s tryst with dating began in 2004. It was because of OkCupid. Users can date, become friends with strangers, and also match with people by answering MCQs. 

Besides that, there are a variety of features like change location, numerous preference options, incognito mode, and message before matching. Moreover, users can purchase monthly, half-yearly, and yearly packages. They can access premium functionalities without seeing any ads.


Users can easily get into a long-term relationship by using the Hinge dating app. The Discover section is the key aspect. This is because members can check the content feed and handpick users. 

Moreover, Hinge has some special features like date from home (messaging to phone and video calls), and video prompts. Besides that, conversations and matches will not expire on Hinge. 

Thus, users can check their previous chats anytime. Hinge also displays a list of the most compatible matches. This indicates a higher chance for people to get matched. Eventually, they will start dating either virtually or meet face-to-face. 

Coffee Meets Bagel

Authenticity is the key aspect of Coffee Meets Bagel. The San Francisco-based dating platform is a perfect mix of dating and social networking. 

Interestingly, it has made more than 100 million matches till date. Moreover, users get access to features like distance-wise filters, personalized matchmaking (based on suggestions), comprehensive profiles, and a weekly chat limit. 

Can premium users utilize extraordinary features? Yes of course! Subscribers can utilize functionalities like an instant match, access to read receipts, Discover Likes, and Boost. This uplifts their chance of getting into a relationship. 


Voice-based and location search are the standout features of Happn. It has more than 100 million members. Besides that, users can send flash notes to impress other users. Moreover, they can get connected with their favourites by sending voice notes and initiating video calls. 

The cost of creating dating apps like Tinder depends on aspects like

  • The freemium and premium features integrated with the dating app.  
  • Extent of customization needed by you.
  • Tech stack used (programming languages and frameworks (used) for creating Android and iOS apps). 
  • Time taken for developing an online dating application like Tinder

Wrapping Up

Are you that entrepreneur looking to rule the online matchmaking space? Partner with an app development company now for creating apps like Tinder soon. 

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