Know The Reasons: Why Is Infertility So Prevalent In Ludhiana?

There comes a time in every couple’s life when they find it difficult to lead their life without those tiny steps running in their houses. But what if the couple is facing defeat each time they are trying to conceive with unprotected sex. You cannot imagine the level of their grief. No?

No matter how successful a couple is in their lives, works and in their relationships, but when they face defeat in this thing, then each achievement of theirs seems like nothing to them?

But, my dear friends, if you are facing failure in conception, then it is not at all your fault. The lifestyle of Ludhiana has become so stressful that our reproductive capabilities keep on getting decreased.

What to do in that situation?

Do not waste a second if it has been a year since you have been trying to conceive. You need to visit an infertility clinic. Get the initial consultation scheduled with the doctor and if you find their suggestions valid and good, then go for undergoing the IVF procedure.

Which couples should visit the IVF centre?

The infertile couple could be divided into so many categories and the mention of that is done below:

Problems with the fallopian tubes

If there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes because of which either or both the things are getting difficult to be accomplished, then you should et the blockage cleared by consulting the doctors:

If the egg is not able to reach the sperms

If the prepared embryo is facing difficulties to get attached to the lining of the uterus


About 40% of the women in Ludhiana who are suffering from infertility have succumbed to endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissues that grow inside of the uterus to form the lining start growing outside of the uterus. It is not at all a good condition.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is another popular kind of disease that has made the women in Ludhiana fall in its prey. When a woman suffers from this, then the ovaries fail to produce the eggs with the desired traits. Other times, the eggs are not getting released from the ovaries despite their production.

Progressive Age

I know, nowadays the couples are career-oriented and want to plan their babies only after they have gotten well-settled. That is a very good thing. But such couples often face difficulties in conceiving. As it takes years of their life to become affluent. And when that happens, then the fertility aspects of both the couples get deteriorated. With the professional age, the number of eggs to be released by the bodies of the female’s decreases.

The sperm quality also keeps on getting deteriorated and the chances to have deformities or abnormalities in the babies reach the peaks.

Final Comments!

The key to successful conception is to try early and that too with the consultation of the doctor. If you want to ask any other questions regarding infertility, then you can ask us by writing an email to us.

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