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Libra Romance: What Do You Expect From Them?

Are you in a relationship with Libra? If so, you are the luckiest person in the world. Libra literally signifies partnership. Libra is symbolised by the scales and represents fairness, peace and balance in any relationship. Linking with a boo is one of the favourite vibes of a Libra person. Even though it has been said that Libra is a romantic partner, it doesn’t mean that they are right for you or you for them. 

What Librans Need From A Relationship?

The planet Venus rules two zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra. Venus is the planet of values, beauty and love. Libra has got all the romantic qualities of Venus. The best way to get into a Libra heart is through their head and these individuals want perfect symmetry with their partner.  Libran don’t find harmony as single and partners are essential for Libras. They are happy when accompanied by a partner. Libra wants to explore life together with her partner. 

Libras want to share ideas with close companions and explore beautiful worlds with them. They always need a shoulder to lean on and they can make you feel better when you have a bad day.  Libran lovers make memories forever and it would be one of the best moments in your life. Libra doesn’t need to be together to understand your feelings as a lover.  Libra lovers have an understanding attitude towards their partner. So, even if your interest and hobbies don’t match with your Libran partner, no need to worry as there are minimal chances of clashes or disagreements. Libra lovers make sure to always make their partners happy.  The only red flag in the relationship is if you break the trust of your LIbran partner. Try to be truthful to them always!

Libra Romance

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What Can You Expect From A Libra Lover?

If you are looking for a person who says “we” rather than “I” or “you”, look no further than Libra. A Libra lover always wants balance in a relationship. If you say selfish words like “I” or “You”, Libras never consider it as a healthy way to continue a relationship. Libra goes any extent to save a relationship and they are not afraid to discuss any matters that are important in the relationship. Libras are always quite hardworking and this attribute is clearly seen in maintaining their relationship too. 

Libra star sign symbol is a scale and it represents a judicial system. This zodiac sign knows all phases of a situation and they weigh fairly and evenly without hurting anyone. Sounds good? Yes, Libras don’t like unfair events and thus they always stand with the judiciously correct individuals. So, if you want to be the partner with a Libran, never try to make false promises in any situation as they will find out easily. Libra always has a nonstop balancing act. But this may create some difficult situations for them as it can be challenging during a  fight. Since they don’t like to make wrong decisions, they keep on postponing the inevitable things. To be clear, Libra finds difficulty in making strong decisions and they need to consult other people. So, never be surprised if your Libra lover is asking advice from family and friends while making a strong decision like buying a car, choosing a job or buying a house.

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Aries romance

Libra individuals hate acting favourites. This means they won’t be partial even towards their favourite persons.  For instance, if you consider Aries romance they only look forward to making their partners happy and show partiality towards them. Libras are not like that and partners may face some troubles due to this. Even though Libras want to maintain romantic relationships, they will never give any preferential treatment compared to other close connections. So, if you want to have undivided attention, rethink about having a relationship with Libra. 


Libra lovers are loyal, truthful and genuine in their romantic relationships. They make their partners happy in every way. All they need is to be genuine in the relationship. Libras stand with fair judgement only. So never think they will stand with the partner even if an unfair thing happened. Know how important are Libras in your life as friends and lovers to lead a happy life. 

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