Japan’s Mount Fuji: When Pilgrims Climb, What Do They Wear

Mt Fuji summit is more than 3000 meters in altitude. But it’s still relatively smaller in comparison to Mt. Everest. When the weather is conducive, even novices can climb Japan’s most formidable features. Dreams turn into reality. The experience will be with you for the remainder of your life. You can take in the breathtaking top view and also catch the fiery sunrise. To get the experience, book cheap flights to Japan to save big on the tickets. Before you start, beware that the weather conditions can shift anytime. Be well prepared against the cold and rain before you start. Most pilgrims are well prepared. You may draw inspiration from them. Know what the pilgrims wear and prepare accordingly. Read along to get the details.

Clothing and other essentials-

The weather can change significantly as you climb higher. The temperature can take a plunge, and it can get extremely cold. The temperature difference can vary by 15°C between the 5th station and the peak of Mt Fuji. The right clothing is important to get through the climb comfortably.

Below is the list of essentials most pilgrims have-

  • A warm fleece jacket.
  • Waterproof windbreaker.
  • A change of clothes in case you are in a rainstorm.
  • Rain gear.
  • A walking stick.
  • Flashlight- to use in the dark.

Wear the right shoes-

Shoes are very important as your feet are going to do a lot of work climbing. It is vital to wear sturdy and protective shoes.

The shoe must have the features mentioned below.

  • Exceptional support and good traction.
  • It must be waterproof.
  • Hiking boots are an excellent choice.

Most pilgrims avoid wearing sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops. Wearing these might make the climb unnecessarily difficult. These items can make one more vulnerable to injuries.

Trousers must offer flexibility-

Long trousers that offer room to move your knees are ideal.  You can even go for jogging bottoms or thermal pants. Quick-drying pants are also an excellent choice. Most pilgrims avoid wearing jeans as they are heavy and inflexible. 

Wear a Waterproof Jacket-

When climbing, pilgrims encounter strong winds and rain. These can take a toll on the body when you are not prepared. Thus, a waterproof jacket is a must-have item to remain tackle the changing weather.

Do remember to carry an extra pair of socks, gloves, and undergarments-

Do not forget to carry small items of clothing. You can change your socks, gloves, and undergarments in case you get wet. It will help you stay dry so that your spirit is high while you continue climbing. 
Many pilgrims wear and carry clothing and footwear in a large backpack. Additionally, wearing face protection like masks can protect you against nasty winds and the cold. Now that you have all the knowledge about preparing for the climb visit Japan this year to have the wonderful experience of climbing the giant Mt. Fuji. To get discounted flights search anywhere and everywhere to compare to grab the best deals! Be flexible with the flight dates. On certain dates, the tickets might be pricey. Avoid traveling on weekends. Book the departures scheduled for Tuesdays or Thursdays to grab the best deals.