Intel Arc A380 VS Intel Arc A770: Which GPU is best for your Setup?

A division of Intel Corporation is Intel ARC (Architectural Research Corporation). It emphasizes both IP (Intellectual Property) development and custom design services. The new range of GPUs launched by Intel is revolutionalizing the graphics card market.  Moreover, This technology combines the finest features of earlier Xe family technologies to give scaling graphics functionality that uses relatively few resources. Two of the high-performance GPUs by Intel are Arc A380 and Arc A770. Let’s know more about which one of them is more suitable for your gaming setup.

All About Intel Arc A380

Arc A380 is the most demanding GPU of Intel. It is based on the Intel Xeon Scalable architecture. However, the foundation of the Xeon Scalable platform is cutting-edge 14nm manufacturing technology. Scalability, performance, and dependability are all prime features of this chip.

  • The Intel Arc A380 chip supports high-performance technologies and has a big cache, several cores, fast clock rates, and memory support. 
  • This GPU is built with 6 nm technology. 
  • It supports DirectX 12 Ultimate based on the DG2-128 graphics processor. 
  • It has 1024 shading units, 64 texture mapping units, and 32 ROPs. 
  • It has 128 tensor cores that contribute to accelerating the pace of machine-learning applications 
  • The processor has 8 acceleration cores for ray tracing. 
  • The Arc A380 comes with 6 GB of GDDR6 RAM connected through a 96-bit memory interface.


  • Thermal Design Power (TDP): The Intel Arc A380’s TDP is 320W. 
  • Total Core Count: Up to 56 cores and 112 threads can be supported by the Arc A380. It provides the incredibly high performance needed for severe workloads.
  • High-Tech Performance Features: Advanced technologies including Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) 512 and Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3 are supported by the Arc A380 CPU. 
  • High-Clock Speed: The Intel Arc A380 has a base clock speed of 2.5 GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 4.5 GHz. Through this, it provides strong performance for demanding workloads.
  • Large Cache: The cache structure of the Arc A380 is substantial. It provides quick access to frequently utilized data for the user. These processors also reduce the number of memory accesses needed.
  • Memory: The Intel Arc A380 chip supports DDR4 memory with a maximum speed of 3200 MHz and up to 1TB of memory per socket. Thus, it facilitates the user to manage heavy and complex workloads.
  • Power Efficiency: The Arc A380 is built to use little power. It lowers the cost and energy use of data centers. 
  • Scalability: This chip has a scalable architecture. It permits the use of several processors in a single system for even greater performance. 

All About Intel Arc A770

Intel Arc A770 is a high-performance graphic card of the Arc series. It can quickly enhance your gaming experience with several crucial components included with this graphics unit. It provides more fluid gameplay and frame rates due to the use of cutting-edge technology.  Moreover, this GPU supports HDR and 4K resolution. It results in the enhancement of gaming visuals. It also includes technology like ray tracing that can make games appear more realistic and visually appealing. 

Specs of Intel Arc A770

Enhanced Processors for Improved Gaming 

Gamers can improve their performance and playability by using the Arc A770 GPU. It is equipped with Xe-HPG microarchitecture technology because this microarchitecture is made to handle the newest graphics and supports mesh shading, real-time ray tracing, etc. Moreover, for better display, it also supports Supersampling method.  With the overclocking capabilities of these GPUs, you can easily improve your gaming experience. You can push your device to its best with this process.

Better Graphical Interface

The Arc A770 is built with a technology that provides high-quality images to enhance your gaming experience. This GPU has a 4K display. It facilitates players to see games and other entertainment in exquisite detail. Furthermore, this results in pictures that are more vivid and lifelike. This process makes playing the game more enjoyable for players. It can display a wider range of colors and brightness levels than many other graphics cards with the support of HDR.  

Support for Advanced Ray Tracing Technology 

Ray tracing is a rendering technique supported by Intel Arc technology. It simulates how light interacts with objects in the real world. It creates lighting effects that are more realistic and captivating by accurately replicating how light interacts with objects in the game world.  Realistic shadows, reflections, and refractions of this technology make games look more natural and engaging.

Support For Multi Display 

With multi-display compatibility gamers’ field of view is widened. It directly results in improving immersion. Using numerous monitors, gamers can increase the size of their gaming area and view more of the virtual world.  Additionally, it supports display stream compression (DSC). This allows gamers to compress high-quality videos without using excessive bandwidth. This is especially useful for games with vast environments, like racing or flight simulators. 


Intel has always been renowned for providing its customers with the best products of all time. The Arc GPU series is a live example of how this company eased the usage of GPUs for people who could not afford overpriced ones. The best products of the Arc series are A380 and A770. Both of them have advanced technologies and are equipped with all the features required for a good graphics card. However, it’s totally up to the user’s choice on which one they are willing to purchase. Both of them provide excellent gaming features in their particular setup.