Important Points To Consider During Multi-Service App Development

Since the pandemic happened, the requirements for on-demand apps have soared. The craze for multi-service apps is especially skyrocketing. Even though we are nearer to the end of the Covid-19 crisis, the demand for on-demand multi-service apps will not decline as people out here have adapted to using such apps. 

However, the global on-demand apps market would hit over $335 billion by the end of the fourth quarter of 2025. Taking this into consideration, it will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to embark on an on-demand business with a multi-service app like Gojek. 

Why do people prefer multi-purpose apps instead of single-purpose apps? 

Multi-purpose apps have several advantages to the users when compared to single-purpose apps. Let’s talk about this now. 

This is the digital time when everyone has smartphones in their hands and with a stable internet connection, they can buy products/goods and avail services using apps. Convenience and comfort are the major elements that make them prefer on-demand apps for their requirements. 

Nevertheless, the choice of a single-purpose app will facilitate the availing of one service. On the counterpart, the multi-purpose app is filled with a wide range of services. And, so the users can avail of any services under one roof. Various services in the multi-service app include Ride services, Delivery services, and other on-demand services. 

Another primary benefit is that users do not have to install multiple apps on their smartphones as they occupy storage space. When they use multi-service apps, they can save storage spaces. 

These are the predominant reasons why people prefer multi-service apps instead of single-purpose apps.

Here’s a list of points to consider during multi-service app development

1. How to get started with it? Market Analysis 

In the initial stage, you have to do proper market research. Decide on which set of audience you want to target and know their demands. Regardless, it is more important to study competitors to know their strengths and weaknesses. This is how you have to come up with effective strategies to make your business successful. 

2. What Unique Selling Points is all about?

For racing ahead of the competition, it is a prerequisite to have unique selling points. It may include new features added to the app or the exceptional service you offer, which is distinctive from competitors. 

3. Features to be added

A set of features define the functionality. This means the basic features for on-demand delivery apps should not be omitted. Meantime, you ought to include innovative & advanced features. Ensure that the features which are added should be user-friendly.

4. In what ways can you make revenue from your app?

There are various monetization ways in which you can make money from on-demand apps. To be specific, below is a list of the typical revenue streams to consider during multi-service app development.

  • Commission from service providers
  • Small fees from customers
  • Delivery commission from delivery drivers 

5 . Which platform would you choose?

It is a crucial part of development. The three usual options include native apps, web apps, and cross-platform apps. The choice should be based on your target audience. 

6. Key aspects:

The interface of the multi-service app should be intuitive in order to gain first impressions the best. Alongside, the ease of navigating through various features is more important. This way, you can prevent your customers from having thought of preferring competitors’ apps.

7. All Set? Go ahead with implementing your app idea into reality

Once you have technically decided how the app would be, you can go forward with development. To do so, you have to find a reliable company and discuss your app idea for implementation. 

Hope so, you will be aware of a Gojek Clone app that is readily available for deployment upon the completion of customization.

Concluding Thoughts

The requirements for on-demand apps have soared, which will continue to increase in the forthcoming years. This has opened the door for entrepreneurs to step into the global on-demand market by going ahead with multi-service app development. It would be a brilliant idea to choose Gojek Clone for your business. It’s time to leap into the booming industry with a well-featured multi-service app.

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