Important Documents Required For Car Insurance Policy Renewal In India

If you own a four-wheeler, you spend a lot of money and time keeping it in excellent shape. However, it is also possible that while driving through traffic on your way home from work or while trapped in a long line of traffic, a rickshaw puller will unexpectedly bump up against your four-wheeler, causing some scratches or dents.

These are when it’s imperative to have the bumps and bruises repaired as soon as possible, even if it costs a lot of money. Four-wheeler insurance helps you by paying for most of the expensive repair charges. In addition, liability-only insurance covers any harm your car causes to third parties.

You receive a year of automobile insurance coverage when you buy a car. However, the Indian government mandates that you renew your auto insurance if you want to drive your four-wheeler once more before the end of this year’s insurance.

The owner of a four-wheeler who is found to be driving it without third-party liability-only insurance would be fined 2,000 rupees under the 2019 IRDAI guidelines that have been modified. By renewing your auto insurance far before the expiration date, you can avoid this fine and endanger the safety of your car or a third party. Car insurance online can secure coverage by timely renewing their vehicle documentation online because every policy has an expiration date.

The significance of timely renewing your auto insurance

If you renew your motor comprehensive insurance coverage before it expires, your current document will remain valid. In addition to breaking the country’s traffic laws, expired automobile insurance policy paperwork will also cause the rejection of four-wheeler insurance claims.

After your insurance policy has expired, your automobile insurance company is no longer required to pay for any loss or damage to your vehicle. As a result, if your uninsured vehicle is engaged in an unpleasant incident or accident, you will be obliged to use money from your bank account to cover the costs of your four-damage wheelers and any third-party obligations.

Your four-wheeler is financially safeguarded if your car insurance documents are timely renewed online. For instance, there can be legal obligations and damages in an accident. Additionally, it will give you a leg up in collecting different renewal advantages, like the no-claim bonus that vehicle insurance companies provide you at renewal time.

Renewal of Auto Insurance: Procedure

You should follow these steps for the auto insurance renewal process as your four-wheeler insurance plan’s expiration date draws near:

  • First, contact Tata AIG’s customer service team and describe the issue.
  • If your vehicle needs to be surveyed as part of the renewal process, Tata AIG will let you know.
  • If your car needs an inspection, you should schedule a time.
  • To organize and submit the documentation for the auto insurance renewal process, you should collaborate with the inspector.
  • You must pay the vehicle insurance renewal premium after the review to keep your policy in effect.

Documents Needed to Renew an Insurance Policy

The following is a list of the documents required for auto insurance renewal:

  • Aadhar, PAN, or voter cards serve as forms of identification.
  • Your residence’s proof
  • driving permit
  • recent photo for a passport
  • auto identification number
  • Pollution inspection report
  • vehicle registration document
  • number of a car insurance policies (existing)
  • Credit or debit card details for online banking

So, this is the paperwork needed to renew insurance coverage.

Benefits of Online Four-Wheel Insurance Renewal

There is no choice; Acko Car Insurance is mandated by law. However, thanks to digitalization, Tata AIG has built resources for online four-wheeler insurance renewal, making it simple and convenient for you.

Some benefits of renewing a four-wheeler insurance coverage online include the following:

  • Simple and requiring little effort;
  • There is a wide variety of auto insurance options;
  • Online four-wheeler insurance renewals cost between 30 and 40 percent less than offline renewals;
  • When renewing your auto insurance online, you can customize your policy depending on your budget, coverage needs, and other factors.

Questions to Ask Before Renewing Your Auto Insurance

Keep the following factors in mind while renewing your four-wheeler insurance policy:

  • The insurance plan’s expiration date should be kept in mind to prevent driving without insurance.
  • To get the lowest prices and plans, compare insurance coverage using our online bike insurance premium calculator before renewing your auto insurance.
  • You can reduce the cost of your auto insurance renewal premium by using your NCB (no-claim bonus).


Lastly, you are the vehicle’s protector. Your vehicle depends on renewing your four-wheeler insurance on time since it protects you from legal issues and financial losses in an unanticipated accident. You can renew your auto insurance offline or online, depending on your preferences. You must maintain these documents on hand now that you know the paperwork needed in India to renew your auto insurance.