Importance of Text-to-Speech Services in the Education Industry

Text-to-Speech service is a remarkable milestone in enhancing customer experience. It enables the written texts to be converted into a speech format.  The new advancements in Natural Language Processing and voice recognition technology have enabled the service of Text-to-Speech. The customers can be greeted with more human-like sounds on IVR Calls.

Benefits of Text-to-Speech Indian Solution

  1. Offer human-like voice quality – The software can depict a human-like voice, offering various Indian accents to better connect with the locals. In the education industry, As the syllabus becomes vast, students and educators often have to browse through countless pages from textbooks, guides, and research material to gain a clear understanding of the topic. Text-to-speech can help students ease the process of learning by reading books aloud at the student’s convenience.
  2. Control the Voice –The user has complete flexibility to control the delivery of the voice. They can adjust the pitch, speed, and accent of the playback voice. The control over the playback voice ensures that each student can set the tone and pace as per the individual preference of the same.
  3. Multiple Languages and Accent – Text-to-Speech India offers the playback voice in different languages, including English and Hindi. Many students and educators can gain greater clarity on the concepts if they learn using their native language. It is a powerful tool that can be used to help students with improving any language as well.
  4. Cost Effective – The flexible pricing options enable clients from the education industry to gain transparency and cost management for their institute.
  5. Enhanced Brand Reach – TTS offers a personalized experience to the customer with features like regional greetings, customization hold music that can help connect with local customers and assist businesses in converting callers to customers.

How Text-to-speech India helps students in the Education Industry?

A diverse student population and learners from all across the world. TTS offers a bimodal presentation for learning approach for learners, which has proven effective. Some features include:

  1. Improved Confidence – Students often feel more confident in reading abilities and develop a more positive outlook towards the subject.
  2. Increased recall ability – As you read and hear information, students can improve their information recall ability. Over time, students will also develop the ability to identify mistakes in their writing skills, which boosts their self-confidence and serves as a motivation.
  3. Quicker Learning – Students can now cover vast portions of the syllabus in lesser time with a greater understanding of the subject leading to enhanced productivity.
  4. Diversity inclusion – Education is the tool that can empower generations ahead and has to be available to everyone across the globe. Specially abled students can use this technology to learn new concepts and convey their understanding to their peers and teachers.
  5. Increased Mobility – The TTS Audio can be downloaded into various content audio files and shared across multiple devices and social media platforms, enabling continuous learning on the go.

This results in students’ overall better academic performance, which can be USP for the education industry.

TTS is a more interactive and human-like approach that allows businesses to understand better to offer better services. They can choose the designated text and automate the process by selecting the appropriate voice quality to convert the text to the desired voice quality. Based on data analysis, businesses can analyze call records, identify regions with maximum customer queries, and focus their marketing channels on that specific demographic factor.

Knowlarity offers personalized Text-to-Speech India services. It is the globally trusted product by over 6000+ businesses across 65+ countries and is ranked the leading cloud communication provider in the emerging markets. We have close to 300+ employees globally, offering unmatched reliability and intelligence, catering to client demands, and assisting them in each step of their business process.

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