“Gender“ as we speak of has been chiefly classified into two basic forms the philosophical reason behind the same being the male representing the physical and tangible aspects of life which is nature, like the need for sex, food, water, air etc while female represents the cultivation of societies, the aspects attached to growth like wealth, property etc. Biologically when a male and female mate that is when they give birth to a new life, when the desire to be more wild, untamed, and unapologetic arises which are identifying with the male aspect that is when we say a boy is born. 

While when the aspects of bringing about development within oneself, doing good to oneself and the people around are more strong it is said that a female is born because great people have said “when a girl is educated a family is educated “. This particular philosophical theory also tends to draw parallels with the modern-day Chromosome theory which says the shift of chromosomes when the chromosome pairing is x and y then a male is born and when the xx chromosome is dominant then a girl is born.


Philosophically and biologically speaking the body produces hormones of both which identity with the physical aspects of the gender testosterone for men, estrogen and progesterone for females, theses hormones are a biological representation of the energies that govern the mental makeup of an individual. 

A well-read doctor who has been assisting transgender surgeries in India for a long time explained “at times individuals may want to experiment with this shift in energies or feel more of a particular attribute in themselves, when they feel comfortable or connected towards those particular attributes that are when they decide to opt for a surgery because they wish to develop that kind of characteristics.” 

“This shift of gender assigned during birth may indeed be difficult, but it becomes easy if there is cooperation from the patient, a supportive environment around and even a deeper understanding of the subject rather than just mere superficial knowledge can help people understand that trans people are not to be isolated “explained a well-known doctor who has been assisting cosmetic surgeries for long. 


Trans genders are proof that even god can make mistakes while creating things, the purpose of one’s life is always to find his true identity, identities are fluid, and identities always do not mean identities with regards to gender but also with regards to one’s way of looking at oneself. If we observe keenly at first we are known as somebody’s daughter or son/then our own, then somebody’s spouse, somebody’s parent and then somebody’s grandparents. Our own identity in terms of our self-worth is always evolving and changing, gender is just one aspect of one’s self-worth thus if a person is comfortable being a little more of an energy in contrast to what was assigned to him or her during the time of birth, it should not be a big deal.