How to Wash Your Two-Wheeler Properly

A dirty and unmaintained bike degrades its aesthetic features. Therefore it is very essential to clean your bike regularly. Bike washing might look like a daunting task commercial roofers pittsburgh pa but the right way to wash your motorcycle can save your time and energy. 

A motorcycle bears a lot after a day of riding. It might look clean when you ride in urban areas but dust will surely get coated on your bike after some time. Along with it comes the mud and puddles to take all the shine from your bike. A biker always cares about the exterior look and appearance of his bike and thus uses a bike paddock stand while cleaning.

It is not possible to keep your motorcycle clean all time. You have to put the effort into the cleaning process after a long ride or frequent rides. Regular washing and cleaning of the bike’s essential parts give them longer shelf life. It is also not possible to take your bike to the service centre regularly for washing. You can maintain your motorbike accessories when you know the process of cleaning.

Washing bikes often come with many perks and benefits. You can monitor the overall performance of the bike and look for any damage incurred to the main parts. You generally need some basic supplies like soap, water and a sponge to clean your bike effectively. Follow the basic rules of cleaning and know the right way to wash your motorcycle.

Prepare your work area and do the checklist

Always ensure that you have all the materials needed for the cleaning purpose ready before starting. Position your bike in the right place, while preparing for the procedure. It is always better to prepare a checklist following any additional needs for your bike’s maintenance.  Get your cleaning gears ready.

  • Jet sprayer and  bucket filled with water
  • Degreaser
  • WD-40
  • One or two foaming sponge
  • Clean and dry cloths (Microfiber or chamois)
  • A discarded toothbrush (for cleaning narrow areas)
  • Chain lubricant
  • Automobile wax/polish
  • Bearing protectants

The Right Way To Wash Your Motorcycle Is To Cool Down Your Bike First

If you have come after a long ride, then give some time to cool down. It is never advisable to pour water on a bike when it’s still very hot. It creates thermal shock when a hot engine gets in contact with cold water.  The hot metal may get affected or damaged due to the sudden streak of cold water. 

Begin With Cleaning The Chain

It is better to start by cleaning your bike’s chain as it is full of dirt and grease. Spray the degreaser first all over the chain which will help loosen the debris. Then wipe it off with a clean and dry cloth. 

  • WD-40 is an approved solvent which clears off the dirt and grease and prevents rusting.
  • Lubrication of the bike’s chain is an important step after the cleaning process is over.

Cleaning The Bike’s  Non-Chrome Parts

The next step of the right way to wash your motorcycle is to clean the bike’s non-chrome first. Cleaning of the engine area requires efficiency as you have to look for dirt in the nooks and corners of it. Any cloth cannot penetrate the intricate areas of the engine. Apply some WD-40 and clean the area with an old toothbrush.

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Spraying Water On The Motorcycle

 Spray cool water on the motorbike for rinsing instead of warm or hot water as this is the right way to wash your motorcycle. It will help in loosening the dirt layered on the bike.  Use a jet sprayer which can regulate the water pressure for cleaning your bike. So that you do not wash off any delicate parts of the bike like paint or other materials

Rub The Motorbike’s Body With Microfiber Or A Soft Sponge

Dip the soft sponge into the bucket filled with cold water. Rub gently over the bike’s body and wipe off the bike body. If you have ridden the bike on a salty road avoid soap or detergents as this can leave permanent scratches on the bike’s body.

Cleaning Of Plastic Parts With Gentle Soap Water

Put some detergent into the bucket filled with cold water. Dip the sponge into the bucket and clean the plastic parts as this is the right way to wash your motorcycle.

Wash  The Entire Bike Again

Building blocks toys company’s HR said that rinse off the entire bike all over again for any remaining traces of muck or suds. If you do not find anything to clean off, a clean wet sponge will do the final job.

Gently Wipe Off Excess Water

Use a chamois or microfiber to wipe off the excess water on the body. This will ensure there is no remaining water and let your bike air dry. While doing this avoid direct sunlight as it might cause water spots to create.

Use Approved Protectant  For Buffing Up The Seat

Motorcycle seats are generally made of vinyl or leather. Vinyl materials get weakened and cracked. To improve their longevity uses an approved protectant to buff your seat with it. 

Apply Motorcycle Wax For Shine And Protection

Automobile or motorbike wax is a common material used to protect the vehicle from dirt and grime. Applying It At The End Will Also Give A Finishing Shine To The Body.

Spray Some Bearing Protectants

Bearings are critical parts of the motorcycle.  Spraying protectants will ensure protection against dirt and moisture. 

The right way to wash your motorcycle is a vital job for any biker to keep it looking shiny and well maintained. If you are looking for cleaning and care materials for your bike, then checkout CarOrbis. They are the best in the market for all your automobile necessities.

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