How to Speed Up and Clean Up Your PC

After some time of usage our program starts becoming slow. And after some time, it becomes so slow that you cannot even work on it properly. Now for speeding up the PC again there are different methods.

Speedup Your Computer Using the Steps Below:

There are different methods of speeding up your system, below we are mentioning some of the points that will help you to speed up your system.

Step 1. Upgrade Your Ram

RAM is a very important part of your system. It will manage all the tasks on your system. It will help all the software on your computer to run. Generally, modern computers come with 4 GB of RAM, however, the latest computer will contain more than 8 GB of RAM.

Different types of applications take different amounts of RAM to perform.

  1. Resource intensive application: There are many applications that take lots of RAM. These applications include video editor, games, Photo editor, and coding applications.
  2. Browsers: Browsers take up the memory according to the number of tabs opened. More number of taps opened, the more memory usage will be. If you have multiple tabs open, it will slow down your computer.

If your computer is slow then you can update the RAM. If you have 4 GB RAM then you should update it to 8 GB and if you have 8 GB RAM then you can upgrade it to 16 GB.

Before upgrading the application make sure that the computer is compatible with the amount of RAM you are putting it into. Some computers can only support 16 GB RAM so you cannot increase the RAM more than 16 GB in it.

Also, there are different types of RAM so make sure the RAM model is compatible with your motherboard.

Step 2. Upgrade to an SSD

SSDs are much faster than normal machinal hard drives. If you upgrade your hard drive to SSD (Solid State Drive) then you will see a huge difference in the speed of the computer.

Step 3. Upgrade your GPU

If you use your computer for gaming, video editing, or for performing resource consuming tasks then you should install GPU or upgrade your GPU.

If your system becomes too slow while working with GPU consuming tasks then you should upgrade your GPU.

Step 4. Defrag your Drive

If you are not planning to upgrade the hard drive to newer and costly SSDs then you should defragment your hard drive. Defragmenting the hard drive will arrange the data in such a way that it can be accessed easily and timely.

Step 5. Disable Startup Items

When we start the computer then there are many applications on it that run. If there are many applications running at the start-up then your computer will become slow.

You can disable all the applications running at start-up to speed up your computer.

Step 6. Overclock your CPU or GPU

Every piece of hardware is locked at a certain point of its performance. You can unlock your hardware to increase its performance.

Your GPU and CPU can be overclocked so that their performance can be increased. Overclocking will increase the stress and temperature of your CPU and GPU but will increase the performance of them both.

Step 7. Updating the Drivers

Updating the drivers is an easy task and will improve the performance. There are drivers for every piece of hardware. New drivers are being developed and released frequently, these new drivers contain the latest patch and other bug fixes. So, upgrading the drivers will improve the performance of your computer.

Step 8. Update your OS

As the drivers are updated regularly the operating system also gets updated from time to time. The update of the Operating System contains the latest security patch, bug fixes and features.

By upgrading the Operating System your system’s speed will be improved.

Step 9. Registry Cleaners

Cleaning the registry will improve the performance of your computer. There are different registry cleaner programs available on the internet and you can use any one of them to clean your registry.

Step 10. Remove Viruses and Other Malware

Most common reason for your slow computer is viruses and malwares. You can remove viruses and malware using the latest Antivirus software. There are different free and paid programs available that will help you to remove viruses and malwares and improve the systems speed.

Step 11. Physically Clean Your Computer

If your computer is dirty and clogged with dust then it will become slow. So from time to time clean your computer and keep it in good shape.

Step 12. Prevent Programs From Running in the Background

On your computer there are many applications that run in the background. These applications use resources so to free these resources you have to stop the applications from running at start-up.

Once you have followed the steps above you have to clean the hard drive

Cleaning the computer is a process of speeding up your computer. There are different methods of cleaning up your computer. By performing the cleaning thoroughly, you can improve the performance of your computer.

Over time your computer collects lots of unnecessary files, applications and other data.

Step 1. Use Disk Cleanup

On our computer temporary files are created every time we use it. These files take lots of space on your computer and by cleaning them you can recover space on your computer and improve its performance.

Step 2. Use a Specialized Optimization App

There are many system optimization applications available on the internet. You can use an application that will help you to clean your computer and improve its performance.

One of the best applications to optimize your system is Advanced System Optimizer. This is one of the best pc optimization software that is filled with many features that will help you to optimize your system easily.

Step 3. Delete Huge Files to Free up Space on Your Hard Drive

Clean your hard drive and free up the space. There are many unnecessary files stored on our hard drive and by deleting them you can save space on your computer and improve its performance.

Step 4. Uninstall Applications You Don’t Need

Applications installed on your computer will take space and RAM.

There are many unnecessary applications installed on our computer that we do not use and they can be removed easily. By removing the application installed we can recover space on your computer and improve its performance.


By cleaning up your system you can improve the performance of your computer and speed it up in general. There are different ways of increasing the speed on your computer, you can use different methods for speeding up your computer.

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