How to Performs a Hair Transplant Into a Burn Scar?

It is noticed that the rate of baldness is increasing day by day specifically in men. Once you adopted all other options and you cannot find any significant result then the option of hair transplant remains for you. Most people hesitate to go for this option before because it is a surgical procedure that makes them worry. However, in the end, the best method that provides significant and long-lasting results is the one and only hair transplant.

What Is Hair Transplant?

Dubai hair transplant refers to a minimally invasive method in which the hair grafts are extracted from the donor area and their implantation is performed in the recipient area.

Wait here! Are you thinking about getting a hair restoration method but you are not getting it because you have a burn scar on your scalp?? If this is the case, then you don’t need to be worried anymore. Here, at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, we have highly qualified surgeons. Our surgeons have the expertise to deal with such issues successfully.

Which Method Is Preferable?

Different methods are available to perform the hair transplant surgery, however, the method that works better in such conditions is FUE. The method of Follicular Unit Extraction performs by extracting the grafts one by one. After that, the careful implantation is performed individually.

How Hair Transplant Is Performed?

If you have a burn scar, then we need to perform this procedure in more than one stage. First of all, our surgeons will examine your scars. If the scar is thicker as compared to your actual skin, then a steroid will be injected into that specific area before performing the procedure. We inject Keloids injections for burns scar which are steroids. Once the steroids are injected, then the procedure of hair transplant will be performed. Usually, the transplantation starts from the periphery and continue working concerning the centre of the burned area as better blood supply is available in the peripheral area. In this way, the hair grafts are taken in a better way from the burned area of your scalp.

What About Results?

You will get permanent results. It is a one-time procedure and you will enjoy the results for the rest of your life. Even after recovery, no one can recognize that you have gone through any surgical procedure to get your hair back.


It is highly recommended to get a consultation with your surgeon for a hair transplant to discuss your issues. Specifically, when you have such a case that your scalp has a burn scar then it is a MUST to get a consultation.

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