How to migrate to a new Windows PC

Whenever we change our system we need to transfer all our files to our new computer. This process can take lots of time and effort. There are different ways to transfer files to your new computer. You can use the method you are comfortable with to transfer the files and migrate them to your new system.

Apart from transferring the files you also need to transfer settings and applications. You also have to transfer browser bookmarks and other settings.

Migrating to your new computer can be a tricky task because there can be lots of applications and lots of data on your old computer. All these files have to be transferred correctly on your new computer so that you can access all the files easily.

Also, all the applications that you were using have to be transferred correctly onto your new computer.

How to transfer Windows 10 to another computer?

The most common method of transferring files is to offline transfer files. There are different methods of transferring the files manually. You have to copy and paste the files onto your new computer using some kind of storage media.

However, before transferring all the files make sure that you have deleted all unnecessary files so that the data to be transferred is reduced in size.

Also, you have to download all the applications from the internet on your new computer or you can transfer setup files using the same method using which you have transferred the files if you have their setup files on your old computer.

Direct file transfer via an external drive

For transferring the files manually, you can use an external hard drive, SD card, and USB drive. You just have to copy all the files on the drive and then paste them on the storage drive.

You have to make sure that you have enough storage space on your external drive for copying all the files.

Also, you have to copy the whole folder organization so you do not have to organize all the files.

Files that are downloaded inside some applications may not be accessible therefore you have to download them in the application again.

If the files are already organized then you can copy the parent folders and then paste them on your storage drive. Then you have to connect the storage drive on your new computer and then paste them on your new computer.

Transfer via a File History backup

Windows comes with built-in backup software/utility that will help you to take backup of the files on your old computer and then you can transfer them to your new computer.

Built-in backup utility will take backup of all your files on the location you selected.

To take backup go to the backup option in Update and Security. Now select the drive on which you want to take backup and then enable automatic backup.

Files backup program on your windows is a great software that will help you to transfer the files easily. You can easily transfer the applications and bookmarks using this software. You can also transfer Microsoft office to another computer using file history backup.

Transfer via a file-transfer utility

If you do not want to transfer manually or do not want to use the backup feature of windows then you can use a third-party file transfer utility. This software will help you to transfer files over the network or over the wired connection.

These file transfer utilities will also help you to transfer folders, browser bookmarks, and applications easily.

Transferring and setting up apps on your new PC

Once the files are transferred you may have to install some apps and login into the applications.

Once the files are transferred you have to download and install the remaining applications and then login into them.

However, if you are transferring Windows to Mac or vice versa then some applications may not be available. So, you have to look for alternative apps.

Transferring browser bookmarks to your new PC

Once the files and applications are transferred then you have to transfer bookmarks and other browser settings. Browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge all have syncing features.

You have to install the browsers on your new system and then login into your account that you have previously used on your old computer and then log in to the accounts on your new computer.

If the syncing is done correctly then all the settings, bookmarks, and passwords will be transferred to your new computer.


Migrating to a new computer can be a time-consuming and tedious task. This process can take a long time to complete and the time depends upon the number and size of the files stored on your old computer.

The speed of the migration also depends on the age of your old computer. If your old computer is very old then it takes longer to complete.

After transferring the files, you have to transfer applications, for that you can either download the application from the internet or you can install them from the setup files downloaded on your old computer previously.

If you have the setup files downloaded then make sure that the version of the application is compatible with your new computer.

Once the computer is migrated then you can use your new computer.

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