How to massage properly can help manage stress and anxiety

We live because of hectic work, education, and sometimes family problems. This “rush”, as it is popularly known, affects our body and causes two constant evils in modern society: anxiety and anxiety.

Add to this the fact that last year we were concerned about everything related to COVID-19, and the result is a kind of endless chain of suffering everywhere.

There are many ways to control these evils,

One of these, 스웨디시, is one of the most used because it gives you a feeling of relaxation and relaxation.

Until recently it was intended as a simple palliative or placebo, which we had good experience with, but no scientific support to prove it.

In 2016, The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, a peer-reviewed medical journal for mental health, conducted an interesting study with a small group, suggesting that the particularly popular Swedish massage may reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and depression.

Today we want to tell you about three great benefits that Swedish massage gives to your body. If you want to say goodbye to stress and anxiety, we have in-house massage services in Glitz.

You will have a relaxing experience

Ninety percent of people, especially those coming to or seeking therapy, have indicated that they want to experience this extraordinary relaxing experience that is unique after a massage.

From a medical or scientific point of view, a satisfying massage is a process, the production of endorphins in our body actually increases and creates a feeling of well-being or pleasure.

Blood circulation and lymphatic circulation

Many massages involve circulation in different parts of the body. When this exercise is done consciously, it activates the blood and lymph veins found in the body to promote cell turnover.

The three main benefits of these massages are the improvement of venous, arterial and, of course, lymphatic circulation.

The cortex is a hormone that performs a specific function in our brain. He is known as a weight bearer; The body is naturally produced, produced under difficult conditions or situations, mainly to help us cope with these difficulties.

Massage is effective in lowering cortisol levels and increasing serotonin and dopamine levels, which can lead to feelings of happiness.

Now you know that a good massage not only improves your appearance but is also good for your health: “A healthy mind and a healthy body”.

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