How To Make a osTicket Plugin

Create an osTicket plugin to extend the capabilities of your osTicket software. This open-source ticketing program helps companies in efficiently managing their clients.


Welcome to another exciting blog post in the Help-Desk Ticket Software series. Several blog pieces are published on subjects such as the popular free ticket-based help desk and customer service system, as well as the automated ticketing system built using WordPress and osTicket. osTicket, on the other hand, is an open-source ticket-based help desk system that allows consumers to send problems and concerns to support employees. This free support system includes a simple ticket management module for converting phone, email, and form questions into web-based tickets. An osticket demo can provide the required overview for your company.

It provides a wide range of features and settings that enable support agents to give excellent customer service to their clients. This open-source ticketing system (osTicket) is a fully flexible support ticketing framework with numerous features to customize every part of the customer support experience, including messages, pages, and notifications sent to customers. It provides options. In his article, you will learn about developing osTicket plugins to improve functionality according to your needs.

Why use plugins?

You will learn how to construct a simple plugin to enhance the fundamental functionality of this IT help desk software in this topic (osTicket). Plugins are chunks of software that boost the basic functionality of a program or app. In addition, there is plenty of enterprise-level open source software with a massive stack of plugins that extend its capabilities. In addition, this popular open-source software includes WordPress, Joomla, and more. Above all, a vibrant and vibrant community supports and develops plugins as needed. However, the framework does provide extensive documentation on how to develop plugins. Here’s why your app supports plugins:

  • This allows third-party developers to create software components that extend the functionality of their applications.
  • Plugins make it easy to integrate new features.
  • Furthermore, it has no bearing on the size or complexity of your application.
  • Developers can also maintain and manage the plugin code separately from the core application.


The prerequisites for constructing the osTicket plugin are described in this part of the IT Help Desk Software Guide.

  • PHP version 5.6 or later
  • Installing osTicket 
  • Basic knowledge of PHP 

How do I develop an osTicket plugin?

This section describes developing a plugin for this open-source ticketing system, “osTicket.”

  • Create a folder for plugins in the / include/plugins directory. This tutorial will lead you through the process of creating a sample plugin that integrates the osTicket system to Redmine. You need the following required files: plugin.php and config.php. The plugin.php file offers an overview of the plugin. Below is a list of available class fields. These are defined in [INSTALL_ROOT] /include/class.forms.php.
  • TextboxField-TextboxField
  • TextareaField-Textarea
  • ThreadEntryField-Rich text field used for a discussion thread
  • DatetimeField-JQuery date picker
  • PhoneField-Text field optimized for phone numbers
  • Boolean field-checkbox
  • ChoiceField-Dropdown selection field
  • SectionBreakField-Horizontal section break
  • After that, you need to create a file that defines the plugin’s functionality. The title must be the same as that specified in the plugin.php file. That is, redmine.php. This should include the Dynamic Redmine Plugin class.


This concludes this blog entry. OsTicket is a ticket management software that provides a plugin structure that allows developers to add new features. Plugins are components that extend the core functionality of your app/software. In his article, he described plugin development for this customer support system “osTicket” to help developers add custom and extensions. Therefore, this blog post is helpful when deploying IT help desk software to your business.

In addition, there are other help desk ticketing software and articles listed in the Discover section below. Finally, we publish blog pieces on a regular basis regarding various open-source goods and subjects. As a result, for frequent updates, please contact the Help-Desk Ticket Software category. So, it is important for you to analyze your company. Once you do that, you will be able to find the ideal support ticketing system.

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