How to Give Your Home a Minimalist Look

A minimalistic look is an idea that you have fewer but more items in your home. This is the very basic idea in the interior design industry where the interior designers try to adjust less but effective things on an affordable budget but you can always have more items if your budget can do it. Most people do not know about the design and decor they end up wasting their money on useless things. The most important things or items of the minimalist look can be settings, decor, lighting, and other decorative objects. The main idea is to not put many things but to create a comfy and amazing look at an affordable rate. The specialist team at Style me Interior Design Dubai and Interior Decoration Companies in Dubai can help you to seek out this within less time and budget. Here are some of the basic ideas to create a minimalist look for your house.

Think about Functionality:

While creating a minimalist look first thing to consider is to just have all those items that are functional not any extra material. You can do this by making a list of what items you need first and what are essentials and the others you can neglect or can buy later. Try to buy the things that are functional in many ways like if there is a table/ stool you can use it for putting food,

laptops, documents or any other things and you can also use it for sittings sometimes, So it’s not only an essential item but also a functional one. Check out for the things that are not essential but are in the home you can donate them or can use to buy some other essential items. But do not sell most of the items and keep in mind to sell out just extra that are functional.

Colouring ideas:

There are various colouring ideas for the minimalist look when it comes to the painting. But the most widely used one is the white neutral base with other colours like grey or navy blue or any other. You can compensate the white colour with the decor of the room like with colorful curtains, bedsheets, sofa covers to give it a gloomy look. Some people like bright colours as indigo, red, yellow and some like to have light colours so it’s someone’s own choice what kind of colours they want to have in the room or whole house. You can also choose to paint different rooms with different colours to have a minimalist look because it will give your home a new and amazing look by giving different vibes while entering into every room plus you will not get bored by just seeing only one kind of paint all over the house.

Focus on details:

It’s not a good idea to fill your house with items that are not even necessary to have in the house. You have to go into the details of every item whether if you need it right now or not. The idea is not to have all the decoration pieces at a time but you can create a beautiful look even with a few items but by just putting them into a proper style and design. You can add a wall mirror, hang a dream catcher, place a scary with seasons painting, memorable photograph or any antique. But the best thing is to arrange all these items in a proper way where everyone can notice them. You must focus on the functionality for example the kitchen island is not just for storage but can also add to the beautiful look of the kitchen.

Simple and sleek furniture:

Simple and sleek furniture can also add to the minimalist look of a house. Buy sofas and beds that can be converted into couches are the best ones to have because of their functionality purpose. Try to have beds and sofas with the least patterns because they can be covered with covers with having various designs & patterns. If you are going to buy the tables and chairs try to buy that have fewer designs because it will create trouble while cleaning and try to buy the different colour table & chairs as they will create a beautiful look where placed in the house.

Not too many accessories:

This philosophy means that if you are going to buy new items then you must reduce one from the previous one that you already have at your home. It’s not a good idea to have many accessories at a time try out a to-do list by prioritizing the items you need most at that time. Like if you are going to buy your own it’s a good idea because it’s multi-functional and if you are just going to buy a sandwich maker it’s not an essential one and also not functional. You can make pizza, bread, cake and also can heat food on your own but the sandwich maker is only for making sandwiches so you can buy it later.


These are some of the ideas to create a minimalist look of the home by a DIY technique but you can also take help from Interior to fit out companies in Dubai in this regard.

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