How to Get Free VoIP Number in USA

The virtual phone number provides direct access to the inward dialling number without directly connecting to the telephone line. Some numbers are used to forward incoming calls to the other phone numbers. The number is chosen by the client, fixed, mobile, or VoIP Phone system.

You Can set up a VoIP system without any kind of technical knowledge. The virtual phone numbers work ideally to record the voice messages and share the number with other people. The top free virtual phone number comes with virtual phone numbers and multiple features. The list contains open source (free) and paid software.

What is the Right VoIP Phone System for your Business?

Phone. Com is an application that helps you to configure your phone system in a fast and easy way. It also allows you to block the calls in your phone account. It comes with call blocking, call forwarding and screening options. enables you to dial any kind of number that is mentioned in the directory by name. You can also play the music on hold the phone. Features:

  • The is easy to set up and starts processing instantly. 
  • It helps you to create the custom schedules, so you can easily contact the customers. 
  • By using the You will also receive the notification of the incoming calls.
  • The app will also allow you to route the calls. It also depends on the time and a day, when a call is received.
  • The user can easily sync your address book using a phone application.
  • You can personalize your calls with greetings messages, voice mails and music. 
  • You can also send and receive numbers on the local numbers.
  • proves to be very helpful to create organizing groups and extensions. 
  • You can easily set your unique caller ID.


Grasshopper is a virtual phone application. It provides excellent communication solutions for small businesses. It comes with one professional number that can be used as an existing cell number or using some landlines. The grasshopper port enables your virtual number without any problem. It also allows you to take multiple calls simultaneously to route the other person or team member.

Grasshopper Features:

  • Grasshopper provides a full analysis of your business interaction across multiple channels.
  • The user can make or receive calls by using the desktop or mobile app. 
  • The tools can also convert the voicemail into text, you can easily read without listening to them.
  • It also keeps the track record of the professional messages on the office number. 
  • The app will also allow you to send faxes in a PDF format attachment in your EMail.


The app hushed is an application that makes it enabled to call, use for sending pictures and text.  The application is very helpful for keeping your real phone number safe and secure. It will automatically respond to your text messages sent to the other number.

Hushed Features:

  • Hushed makes it possible to add and manage more than one number.
  • You can easily access your number by using the WIfi and using data Connection. 
  • The app will keep your conversation private and secure. 
  • You can easily record and customize the Email. 
  • It also allows you to forward a call. 
  • Application integrates with Dropbox and Slack. 


Phoneburner is a dialer software. It helps you out to make good business sales. It offers effective conversation and offers the features of a close deal. The tool is integrated with multiple tools like zapier, salesforce, Zoho. You can easily dial the number from any phone without any problems.

Phone Burner Features:

  • Phone burner makes it enabled to dial numbers from local area code and provide dedicated inbound phone numbers.
  • You can easily transfer the call with great ease.
  • It also provides support to the team to set up your account.
  • Simplify the process of remote sales.


ConeXhub is a user-friendly business phone system. It comes with advanced features. It allows the users to create multiple profiles and numbers. You can also make and receive calls from multiple numbers. 

ConXhub Features:

  • Integrated with the highest HD calls quality.
  • Easily forward the calls on mobile phones all over the world. 
  • By using ConneXhub, you can easily get toll free, local and international numbers of the country.


YouMail is a virtual phone number service, it helps your Email and mobile phone devices. The application will automatically block the robocalls and make it enabled to block custom calls. 

YouMail Features:

  • YouMail easily identifies the missed calls with great ease
  • The app offers you voicemail greetings.
  • It provides visual voicemail.
  • It helps you protect your privacy with the second phone number.
  • Automatically reply to the missed calls. 
  • It enables you to make a conference call. 


It is considered one of the best virtual phone numbers. It helps you monitor your calls. Virtual PBX VoIP Providers automatic call distribution (ACD) to manage call traffic assigned to a specific department.

It also helps you customize your phone number that perfectly fits your brand. VirtualPBX enables your business name and given number on the outgoing caller ID. 

Virtual PBX Features:

  • The user can easily transfer business numbers to the talk route.
  • When your phone is available, you can set the time and date.
  • The app also supports audio conferencing.
  • Integrated with CRM ( customer relationship Management)
  • Make a web browser call.
  • The status indicator helps you out to know the status of VirtualPBX platform. 


The talk route helps you to make and receive calls without any hassle. The app provides multiple varieties of numbers according to your business needs and requirements. It allows you forward and routes calls from all over the world. Talkroute can also be used to send messages to the customers and manage voicemails.

Talk Route Features:

  • Helps you to record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Delivers detailed history of the calls 
  • Can customize welcome messages.
  • Can send and receive SMS and MMS messages. 
  • Gives offers 3 or 4 direct dial extensions. 
  • Helps you to manage user accounts and give permissions.
  • Talkroute can quickly get access to android and ioS devices.

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