How to Exploit Wi-Fi Router on an Unrooted Android Phone

Every family in the current Wi-Fi Internet-connected world has heard of a Router device. Before learning about this concept, one should have a clear idea of ​​the route. Therefore, the Router is anything visible except physical use that helps transfer various information between systems connected to a computer network. You have to check the IP address where the data package is installed. A calculation is then performed to determine the most appropriate way for that data packet to reach its destination.

There is an obligation to convey it according to what has been said before. The Router acts as a gatekeeper on our network and can also protect our communication. Therefore it is important to protect it with a password to avoid burglary. Ensure no user has access to the wifi admin router panel – Router Login. There are cases where routes have been compromised to gain access to personal information. In the US, routers have been hacked illegally to extract data from ordinary people.

Download “GNURootDebian.”

To get Debian Linux running on a rooted device, download “GNURootDebian” from the Google Play Store. When the GNURootDebian download is complete, there will be automatic features that will go through the screen. When the scrolling has stopped, we are ready to move on.

Add some dependencies

There is a need to add reliance to make the whole system work. It is recommended that you use the appropriate python module. Here are the instructions you will need.

●    -apt-get update

●    apt-get install Sudo

●    -sudo apt-get install git-core

●    -Sudo apt-get install python-dev-python-pip libncurses5-dev git

Download/install RouterSpoilt

In this step, you have to download or install RouterSpoilt.

Here is a link to the Github repository that will help you with the setup

Use general instructions

Now that you’ve downloaded it. RouterSploit is ready for its first operation. There are some general commands you need to do:

● cd routersploit

● sudo python./

Orders will appear

There will be “orders” that will now appear on the mobile screen. To make it easier to use the interface. ‘use,’ ‘set,’ ‘show options,’ ‘check,’ ‘run.’

Select a private category

If you wish to set and persecute a goal, the real work is now underway. Here, some things you need to do. This may seem a bit scary to start with, but users get it over time. When you have access to something called a “WIFI array,” you will need to select a private category once you have identified your IP address. Use the following instructions to proceed further.

Switching IP address

We need to set the IP address to which you should switch.

● Set target IP_address_here

● show options

This IP change is required, which will help you protect your current address at all times; when the switch is complete, use the module. After that, it will sweep away all weaknesses.

Use time

Once you have all the necessary weaknesses, it is time to use them. Some instructions can help you with this task.

– Use exploit / cameras / dlink / dcs_9301_9321_auth_bypass

Check your success

There is a button called “check,” allowing you to check again. You can repeat these steps to restart routers provided from time to time.

The conclusion

In this way, you can use an unstructured android mobile device, allowing you to attack any router you wish to control. While RouterSploit is one of the simplest offline device options.

There are several other options available in a different area, namely Metasploit.RouterSploit, however, has proven to be practical and easy to use. At the same time, this empowers many hackers to protect their routers with a cell phone. We need to understand that abuse can involve many legal issues, which should be avoided at any cost.

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