How to Design Your Own Custom Rigid Boxes?

Custom Rigid Boxes are sturdy packaging options that are available in a variety of colors, layouts, and designs. They are also customizable with intricate add-ons. Learn how to design your own rigid boxes with these helpful tips. Then, order yours today! Just follow the steps in the guide to get started. If you’re unsure about rigid packaging boxes, contact us for a free quote.

Custom Rigid Boxes Are Made From Chipboard:

When it comes to Rigid Boxes, the choice depends on the type of box that you want. For example, a custom gift box can have an inner base and lid, or it can be made of chipboard only. Either type is suitable. Rigid boxes can accommodate luxury elements such as magnetic closures, foil stamping, and embossing. If your gift box needs to be sturdy, rigid boxes are the way to go.

Rigid Boxes Can Be Customized With Foil Stamping, Embossing, And Debossing:

To add flair to a rigid box, consider foil stamping or embossing the design. Foil stamping creates visual contrast with the box’s one-color backdrop. Using this technique, your logo will appear more prominent than ever. Choose from flat embossing, sculpted emboss, or a combination of both. Spot UV printing creates an upscale look by curing a protective print coating. This process can distinguish your logo from competing brands and add a modern touch to your packaging. It leaves a glossy finish, making a dull surface pop with a glossy appearance.

They Are Durable:

A good example of a custom rigid box is one with a die-cut window panel. This allows the customer to see the product that is packed inside. Custom rigid boxes should have a striking external appearance. Lamination is used to create a glossy or matte finish, and CPP uses CMYK and PMS printing methods. Other finishing options include embossing and foiling. These are the same features that make custom rigid boxes durable and effective.

They Can Be Embellished With Intricate Add-Ons:

Depending on your company’s needs, custom rigid boxes can be embellished to suit your product’s design. These boxes are made of solid chipboard and paper and provide an unparalleled level of luxury. They can also be customized to contain your company’s branding and information, and are retail-ready and storage-capable. Adding intricate add-ons to your packaging can increase its overall appeal.

They Are Airtight:

Airtight packaging is essential for shipping fragile products. Contaminated air may cause severe consequences to eatable products or medicinal goods. In such cases, a custom rigid box with airtight lids is essential to ensure the safety of the encased items. The aluminum coating also prevents dust particles from penetrating the box. Thus, custom rigid boxes can be used to store sensitive products, such as medicines and edibles.

They Are Print-Friendly:

When it comes to corporate presentations or photographically-printed prints, rigid boxes are the perfect choice for Custom Packaging. They look sophisticated and work wonders while handing over products to customers. And they are also affordable to use! So, why do so many companies choose to use rigid boxes? The answer is simple: they offer print-friendly, elegant packaging that fits their budget.

They keep Your Product Safe:

If you’re looking for a durable way to ship large items, rigid boxes can be the perfect solution. Rigid boxes are more versatile than traditional shipping containers, and they also take up less warehouse space. This makes them an ideal choice for large, heavy-duty items. Read on to learn how you can maximize the versatility of your custom rigid boxes. Listed below are some of the many benefits of using these boxes to protect your product.

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