This is among the most sought-after PGDM programs that is renowned for its high-paying positions as well as its creative and innovative qualifications. After you have completed the program you could work for the advertising industry, a corporation marketing department of a company or a digital marketing firm or as a sales team. This course is perfect for those who want to be enthusiastic, outgoing and possess a distinctive ability to solve issues using innovative solutions.

1. HR

Human Resources help manage the people in an organizational structure. This is an ideal PGDM area for someone with strong people skills and is looking to assist companies in utilizing their staff to the highest level. HR is among the most vital components of any organization and is growing at a rapid pace.

2. Finance

If you’re adept at math and are interested in the banking and finance industry then this is the right option for you. One of the advantages of pursuing finance is that there are numerous high-paying jobs in all industries that require financial experts. It is possible to be CFO, and help businesses to increase profits in the near future!


Every business relies on data and analysis in order to progress. If you’re a researcher with strong research and analytical abilities then you should consider pursuing this area of study within the PGDM with Business Analytics specialisation. You’ll be taught many things about statistics, science research, technology, and research while you build the ability to handle the quantitative aspects of a company.


Productivity is the most important aspect of the success of every company. To improve efficiency and efficiency, companies search for leaders who can think, plan and carry out the most important duties of a business. You will learn to manage an business, how to maximize your supply chain learn how to reduce costs and increase profits, etc. If you are looking for a challenging job, you should choose this field of study.

5. International business

This course teaches you everything about international business standards and laws, including export and import and managing business operations at the global scale as well as connecting with international customers and much more. If you are a lover of travel and would like a career that can take you to different places this is an excellent option.


Discover the methods and tools to assist the growth of the retail sector. With the PGDM with a specialization in retail it is easy to get an entry-level position in one of the most reputable retail firms and help them expand, grow, and succeed in the marketplace. If you’re an excellent buyer and negotiation skills, along with an desire to work in the retail sector then you should consider this program!

IIMS Pune offers various PGDM specializations to students with various abilities. Be sure to select the right course according to your level of interest and preferences, not solely on jobs available. If you truly love your work it is possible to achieve the impossible. Whatever specialization you select, you’ll get a job in the business world by completing campus programs at IIMS.


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