How To Deal with QuickBooks Display Issues? Thoroughly Explained

You can’t work on QuickBooks if its orientation is messed up, the fonts are broken, the size is mismatched, icons are hazy or invisible, fields are overlapping, and the transaction form is not fitted on the screen. It is also when you find out that you have been confronted with an issue known by the name of “QuickBooks display issues.” This issue occurs when the QuickBooks is run on a high-resolution graphic display monitor. You can resolve this display problem by bringing some changes to your default setting. So read the full blog to know about the configuration change and the symptoms or reasons for the display glitch.

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Counting Upon the Reasons of Display Issue

The user must identify when he encounters a display issue and become aware of the reasons before directly jumping to the resolving steps. So, have a look:

  1. Because the old display configurations in QuickBooks were based on old computer screens, the advanced resolution of newer computers will demand some changes in setups.
  2. View preference set on QuickBooks must not have been changed for the same system, which can also add to the fuss.
  3. QuickBooks supports the default Windows DPI (dots per inch), and if you change the default windows settings, QuickBooks’ display will deteriorate.

These were the responsive causes leading to the display error. You can cure the root causes by changing the settings.

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Discover Efficient Resolution Steps for Display

As QuickBooks was built for the Default Windows dot per inch (DPI), changing the monitor’s resolution or the Windows will require the user to do additional settings to remove such display troubles. See the steps:

Procedure: Reconfigure the Display Settings in QuickBooks

The first field that demands changes for display error is QuickBooks’ display and view preferences. So let us start with that:

  1. First of all, close the QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Then go to the Windows Start menu.
  3. Here, type “QuickBooks” in the search box and then press the right-click button from the keyboard on the QuickBooks icon.
  4. Now select Open file location, then QuickBooks.exe file by right-clicking it.
  5. Choose the Properties choice, then click on the Compatibility tab.
  6. Tick mark the checkbox, “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.” You can also select Change high DPI settings and then select Override high DPI scaling behavior.
  7. Tap Apply, then OK.

Now get QuickBooks to open and observe the display with the above steps done. If it is still troublesome, make adjustments to your Windows display settings.


The blog page discussed what to do when you get QuickBooks display issues. Changing the QB Desktop and Windows display settings will resolve the problem when windows or the pages give you a strange view. If you are still facing trouble, then call the top tech advisors from the team at 1-855-856-0042 and get the best QuickBooks Data Services solution to the worst of your problems.

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