How to Choose the Right Sanitary Pad Size?

Sanitary pads are used by women during their monthly periods and are designed to absorb menstrual fluid and keep it in place. This article provides tips and advice on how to choose the right sanitary pad size and what to do if you get the wrong size. If you’re looking to make that important purchase, here’s everything you need to know about selecting the right pad size.

Step 1: Know your body type

Women come in different shapes and sizes, including women who use sanitary pads. The first step to choosing your pad size is knowing what kind of body you have. Most women wear one size only, but other women need more than one size, depending on their body type.

For example, if you are petite or short-bodied, then you would wear a smaller pad compared to a tall or long-bodied woman wearing a bigger sanitary pad. Similarly, women with bigger busts should consider using thick pads for added coverage and protection instead of small-busted women who can use regular-sized ones just fine.

Step 2: Measure yourself

How do you measure yourself for sanitary towels? It’s all about your weight, height, and a little math. The best way to know what size is right for you is by using a soft measuring tape (the kind used for sewing is ideal) and following these steps. 

  • First, stand with your feet together on a flat surface. 
  • Use one hand to hold down your waistband or skirt while wrapping the measuring tape around your body just above where you want it to sit on your underwear line. 
  • Ensure that it isn’t too tight and not too loose, as it will cause an inaccurate measurement. 
  • Once measured, double that number to get inches will be your waist measurement! For example: If my waist measures 32 inches, I would double that, which equals 64 inches, and round up if necessary, which would make me a size sanitary towel or pad depending on where I am in my cycle at any given time – easy! 
  • Now you can use your waist measurement to determine how many inches you need in the length of a sanitary towel or pad. 

To find out how many inches are required based on your waist measurements, here are some guidelines: 18-22 inch waist = 7-8 inch length, 22-26 inch waist = 8-9 inch length, 26-30 inch waist = 9-10 inch length 30+ inch waist = 10+inch length.

Step 4: Tips to remember while shopping

  • It would help if you researched which sanitary pads are suitable for you and your flow. 
  • It’s also good to know how often you should change your pad. So, make sure that it suits your requirement and perfectly fits to avoid any embarrassing situations! And don’t forget these points while shopping. 
  • Always check for leakage before wearing a new pad. 
  • Wear only clean underwear when using sanitary pads.
  • Replace with fresh ones during your period because they can absorb only so much fluid before they become ineffective. 
  • If there is no blood on them, they are not absorbing anything anymore and should be changed immediately. 
  • Wash hands after changing pads or handling used ones since bacteria can be transferred from one person to another by touch. 
  • Store unused pads in their original packaging away from heat and moisture until ready to use. 
  • Do not flush them down toilets since they may clog plumbing systems causing expensive repairs or, worse, flooding homes or businesses!

Types of Sanitary Pads

There are three main types of sanitary pads: Regular, Super and Maxi.

Regular Pads

Most women opt for regular-sized sanitary pads, which are 10 inches long and 2.4 inches wide. These pads may also come in a supersize, ideal for those who experience heavy periods or night flows.

If you use regular sanitary pads, buy them at least two weeks before your period begins. Change your pad every three to four hours when your flow is heavy, and always carry one with you if you need a fresh one in a pinch. It’s also helpful to have more than one pair of underwear on hand at any given time since switching is necessary with all but panty liners when you have a heavier flow.

Super pads

If you are a light flow, using super pads will work out well. If your flow is a bit heavy, then use regular pads. Heavy flow pads have additional leak barriers, which helps reduce leakage. You can also check if your sanitary pad comes with wings or straps across your underwear and line them, so they don’t move around too much.

No one can see anything sticking out of your panties, as these features will help ensure that everything stays contained within your pad. The only disadvantage of winged/strapped sanitary pads is that sometimes it does not cover enough when sitting down and could be visible; however, even still, super pads typically do not leak for light flows. Hence, it’s better than wearing nothing at all when sitting down.

Maxi Pads

Menstrual pads have come a long way from their old cotton incarnation. Today, maxi pads feature everything from wings and leak guards to wetness indicators. If you’re trying out a new pad for your period, it’s essential to try it out at home first: You should never wear a sanitary pad that isn’t entirely comfortable or that shifts around while you move throughout your day. In most cases, you don’t want anything smaller than a Maxi pad—these are designed with an extra thick core to capture menstrual fluid (upwards of 12 inches) while still moving freely with even your most active endeavors!

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