How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic

There are many factors to consider when choosing a Best Hair transplant clinic. You want a physician who is experienced, highly-regarded, and who offers a variety of services. You also want to be able to ask a lot of questions. It’s always best to talk to former patients, but virtual patients are just as helpful as those in person. Patients’ reviews are also helpful as they can give you a good idea of how accommodating the clinic’s staff is.

V Plant

Dr. Amit Agarkar is the director of Vplant Hair Clinic including Maharashtra & Kerala branches. Our Hair transplant clinic in Mumbai is located in Malad West, & Kerala centres in Kochi, Calicut.

He is known to provide the best quality care to his patients & his surgical skills make him one of the most eminent hair restoration surgeons in India. He is dedicated to providing a detailed information and follows a result-oriented approach to each & every hair loss patient. He has performed more than 3000 hair restoration procedures including celebrities like Sonu Nigam, Rahul Bose, Raj Babbar, Boman Irani, Pradeep Rawat (Ghajini fame) & many other television celebrities.

Hasson & Wong

The doctors at the Hasson & Wong Hair transplant clinic are among the best in the world. Combined, they have over 20,000 hair transplant surgeries under their belts, making them some of the most experienced surgeons in the world. The two surgeons have the highest success rates in the world, and their success rates are unmatched. Patients are guaranteed to have a natural-looking head of hair within four to six months.

The staff at Hasson & Wong are genuinely concerned about the results of each patient, and their attention to detail is unmatched. Their goal is to give every patient the best possible experience. They are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and will always take the time to explain everything thoroughly. After the procedure, patients are given a postoperative care kit that includes an anti-biotic, mild pain killers, and other items.
Anderson Center for Hair

The Anderson Center for Hair is a leading Atlanta, Georgia hair restoration clinic specializing in treating hair loss in both men and women. The Anderson Center for Hair is one of only two National Training Centers for the ARTASĀ® robotic hair restoration surgery system, and the first practice in Georgia to offer this revolutionary surgical technique. The clinic also provides platelet-rich plasma, stem cell, and low-level laser therapy as an option for treating hair loss.

Dr. Daniel Lee, a board-certified surgeon, is a highly skilled member of Dr. Ken Anderson’s hair restoration surgical team. He specializes in the use of robotics for FUE hair transplant surgery, and is an expert in nonsurgical hair restoration. Dr. Daniel Lee earned an undergraduate degree in pharmacy from Rutgers University. He then attended Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.
Helia Skin and Hair Clinic

When looking for a hair transplant clinic, you should find one that uses advanced technology and an experienced doctor. The surgeons at Helia Skin and Hair Clinic use tiny incisions to create an incision in the bald area and then carefully place the follicles. This makes the entire process quick and easy. The best part about the procedure is that you can choose the color and style of your hair transplant.

Before the transplant, you should wash your head with a special shampoo to remove dead skin and clean wounds. This is important because the wounds will be irritated after the surgery. You should not rub the wounds too much as touching the scalp will result in hair loss. You should also avoid alcohol and other substances that could cause further harm to the blood vessels in your head. Afterward, you should avoid getting too much sun or swimming, or exercising for at least a week.
Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic

The Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic is renowned for providing the most innovative hair transplant in Mumbai. The clinic uses revolutionary scientific techniques to restore lost hair. Its founder developed cutting-edge hair transplant techniques including Bio-FUE and Bio-FUT. They also perform cutting-edge treatments for skin aging, and provide effective hair treatment. You’ll see the difference when you visit Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic.

The Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai is headed by Dr. Shankar Sawant, a leading hair transplant surgeon in India. His team of experienced specialists ensures that each patient receives the best treatment possible. And with a low Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai, this clinic is one of the most affordable options in the city. And with a reputation for success, why wouldn’t you want to choose the most experienced and qualified doctors?
Bauman Medical

The renowned ABHRS member and #1 Top Hair Restoration Surgeon, Alan J. Bauman, and his team of highly skilled specialists at the Bauman Medical Hair transplant clinic are committed to making their patients look and feel their best. Located in San Francisco, this clinic offers a number of treatments for patients who have lost or thinning hair. Dr. Bauman and his team strive to ensure each patient’s best results and return them to a normal hairline.

A board-certified hair restoration physician, Dr. Bauman has been practicing in private practice since 1997 and has successfully treated more than 17,000 patients. His extensive training and artistic skills in hair transplant surgery led him to specialize in eyebrow and alopecia, as well as other types of hair loss. As a Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Bauman has the highest level of expertise and experience in hair restoration.

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