How to change your old tyre to an ottoman? Here is what you need to know

The tyres being the necessary component of the vehicle can also be used for various purposes considering for the use in our basic needs. The materials that are used in the making of tyres are so strong and rigid that they can ve used for other purposes too. These factors depend on the place buy the set of your tyres and Tyres Bicker is a place which you can choose for their trust, quality, excellent performance. They assure you by giving your tyre service repair and care within the given time slot.

The recycled tyre can be used efficiently for the purpose of using a tyre to an ottoman. The tyres seem out to be a perfect structure for a round shape pouffe stool, with being to an optimum weight that makes it comfortable enough to be carried along with. The choice for covering your stool depends on you and what kind of fabric or cloth you want your tyres to be wrapped with.

There are a few things that you should be requiring to make an ottoman. You need-

  • project boards
  • screws
  • drill
  • glue
  • seat cushion foam
  • spray adhesive
  • quilt batting
  • staple gun
  • a blanket
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • hammer


Cleaning of the tyres-Before starting with the ottoman making thing, the first thing that you have to be sure about is whether your tyres are clean or not. Because, if your tyres are not clean enough then the fixing for the ottoman will not be done in the right manner. Clean dirt from your tyres by using soap and water. Make sure that you remove the dirt from the tread areas of the tyres too.

You can achieve this brilliantly by using brushes. Rub the brush along with soap and water on the tyres to remove any kind of material that is stuck in the tyres. The position in which how you are scrubbing the tyres will not affect its cleaning but you have to do it properly, by applying pressure. Make sure that you are not using steel brushes for achieving this as this can damage your tyre.

Using project board -For ensuring the strong bond with the tyre you have to use a board that is tough enough to be attached to the tyres. With this, you need some screws for attaching the project board to the tyre. You have to do this to one side of the tyre. The screws that you are using for attaching the project board and tyre should go from inside of the tyre, centred over the hole. Use should use around eight screws which should be evenly distributed and firmly connected. You can also use plywood for this purpose.

Spreading glue-After doing this you have to turn the board and get it ready for attaching the second project board to the other opening of the tyre, by using the hot glue gun. You do not need screws for the bottom. They can scratch the flooring of your place and the bottom of the tyre will also not be affected with the use. Use a large amount of glue, evenly spread to the edge of the board, then flip it and press it. After this use a second run of the glue around the edge of the tyre for making it firmly connected. Leave it for some time, so that it can harden.

Insert cushion foam-After this pasting you have to measure and cut the seat cushion foam. Cut it in the same diameter size as the tyre. For sticking the foam you have to spray the seat cushion foam with a spray adhesive and stick it firmly with the project board too that is attached with screws.

Using a fabric-After you have to use a cushion foam on the tyre. Then, for decorating it more beautifully you can use any kind of fabric to be wrapped on the tyres and the project board. This can be achieved easily by using staples and a hammer for wrapping it efficiently and letting it be firmly connected to the tyres. After this is done with accuracy, you will be able to notice that the tyres which were of no use earlier have changed themselves into an ottoman. This is a brilliant way of using a tyre.

Now you can use this ottoman for any kind of purpose. You can keep your stuff there. Can keep your essential books on it. Tyres can be used incredibly in a variety of ways. One should know how to make the best use out of it. Good quality tyres help in giving you good acceleration power which is required on the road and Tyres Boston gives you the best results by which you will not face any kind of disruptions.

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