How Landscape Design App Best for Use?

Nowadays, you can do anything with the help of an app. All you need is a clear vision and understanding of how an app works. That’s how landscape design apps help amateurs and professionals to make the work easier. 

But how do you select the best landscape design app for your project? First, you need to understand your project and handle each app. The best apps you can find may be expensive, especially to beginners, students, and non-professional who want to do DIY projects. Thus, there are several free landscape design apps you’ll get in the market. Below are some of the best apps categories you can find and how they work. 

Apps for Analyzing a Site

When you are set to do landscaping, you should be aware of any hazards at the site. However, you need technical skills to assess the site. There are some apps you can use to help you check out the dangers. 

A good site analysis should help you locate the strength and weaknesses of the area. Thus, you optimize the power in your plan and handle the weaknesses with care. In addition, it would help to observe the area’s drainage, topography, and shade patterns. The data should help you select the foliage that would thrive in that surrounding.

Apps for Designing a Project

After you have all the data for the site, you should start designing your project. If you are in a landscaping company, you can use the professional apps available. They help you draft the best designs for your clients. However, if you are doing a DIY project, You can check out a free landscaping app suitable for designing. In addition, you can get smartphone apps for easier access. 

Apps for Idea Phase

There are various apps you can utilize to get landscaping ideas. Most of these apps are free. In some apps, all you need is to create an account and browse for landscaping inspirations. 

You can also get a camera app that helps you capture the landscape and alter the photos. In addition, it helps you with an idea how the outcome will look like. 

Finally, other apps can help you share your idea with co-workers. Thus, it enables you to get some insights from others. 

Apps for Drawing

After settling on an idea, you should proceed to the drawing phase. There are several landscaping apps for the drawing stage. 

Some apps work as an architect. For example, you can use virtual trace papers and pens. They are available in different sizes and colors. You will also get some stencils of trees and other plants. You can insert them to see the outcomes.

The best landscaping apps for drawing should help you and your team visualize the project’s outcome. Also, they should let you save, revise, and update later. Some apps will offer you 2D and 3D drawing options. 

Apps for Sharing Designs

Landscaping designs would be useless if you can’t share them with others. Thus, some landscaping apps allow you to share the designs with your clients and workmates. Architects and landscape designers should have at least one of these apps- They help keep a portfolio of all their previous projects. They can use the portfolio to seek other clients. Some of the best apps should have offline view options. 

Some apps are perfect for landscape design firms. They are great for communication and sharing designs. Also, they expose you to projects and opportunities near you. You can also use the app as your employees’ directory.

Apps for Plant Selection

The last part of landscaping is choosing plants for your project. The part is tricky as various plants can fit in different environments. So, first, the app should observe all the field’s dynamics. Then, it should give suggestions on the best plants you can use for your projects.

The apps help you add and remove plants from the project. Then, you can view the outcome and replace it where necessary. You can also share the different results with your client to be part of the plant selection.

Some apps allow you to take photos of leaves in the surroundings and develop clear pictures of the trees in the area. It helps select plants that are suitable for that environment. In addition, the app saves time since you don’t need to wait for all seasons and observe how plants in the area behave.

Apps for Adding Shades to Your Design

Some environments can get so hot and dry, affecting the plants. Thus, you may need different kinds of shades to protect your plants. First, you can use an app to select various types of shades. Then, compare the shades and choose one that will work best with your project.


The exciting thing about landscape design apps is that they improve every day. Today, you can get an app suitable for working with different parts of landscaping. However, the best landscape design apps are expensive to purchase. You can use a free or trial version if you have only one project to accomplish. However, the free versions have limited features.

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