How Is Staffing Future Transforming Recruitment

One of the most evident trends of recent times in human resources has been the automation of personnel recruitment. It is increasingly common for companies to have recruitment software. Artificial Intelligence is capable of detecting backgrounds and trends, which translates into more effective personnel selection processes for organizations.

Thanks to these tools, companies have a new trick to recruit talent. They have become a fundamental resource in the selection process, speeding up recruitment. It is estimated that almost nine out of ten companies have one of these tools, among other things, for faster screening of a growing number of resumes.

Streamlining The Selection Process:

Without a doubt, the main reason to bet on this type of personnel management tool is to streamline the process. Recruiters can save themselves routine tasks, starting with the screening of candidacies that any selection process implies. Thus, they can focus their efforts on tasks that are really useful, starting with the relationship with the candidates or with the organization’s own employees.

Sometimes, ignorance of human resources tools can generate doubts in professionals in the sector. Recruitment automation will not put an end to Human Resources professionals, as their task continues to be essential. After all, a program or the AI ​​is unable to maintain the relationship with the candidates, promote the values ​​of the company and corporate culture, etc.

What these programs do is help us make better use of time, working faster and more efficiently. We cannot confuse the adoption of these tools with the effects of mechanization in the industry. And the management of the company should not think that human resources software will allow them to do without their employees. If so, the result will be counterproductive.

Communication With People:

As we say, we cannot leave communication with the candidates who send their CVs in the face of our vacancies in the hands of the machines. Issues such as communication via chat, email, telephone, or social networks need a human component, and they increasingly have more weight in the selection processes. We can’t rely on machines for this, and this is where the HR professional comes in.

You must also answer the questions of the candidates. It is not surprising that throughout the selection process, applicants to work with us ask about the organization’s way of working, corporate culture, benefits, career plans, teleworking… We cannot afford an automatic response, as it is against the experience of the candidate and we must take care of our employer branding.

Obtaining More Accurate Candidates:

Given the shortage of talent in the labor market, selecting the right person is increasingly important. With recruitment software, you can apply the necessary filters to find the right candidate. Of course, not everything goes: you have to use quality programs like Sesame HR to avoid the problems of the simplest tools, such as those that are limited to scanning resumes.

There have been cases of companies that have ruled out very valid applications due to misuse of the tool. Perfect-fit applicants have been mistakenly rejected because a competent tool has not been used. In contrast, solutions like Staffing Future offer more accurate and personalized results, taking advantage of the most accurate methods for scanning and filtering applicants.

Advantages Of Recruiting Software:

Using a solution like Staffing Future allows us to automate the process and make it more effective. Recruiters have real-time access to vacancy and candidate information, with a complete connection between managers and the human resources team. Thus, those responsible for the company are also aware of the development of the process; being able to add pertinent comments.

Candidates can be informed at any time about the status of their candidacy. Communication is much more efficient, reinforcing the candidate’s experience. In addition, you can create a database of candidates that you can use if necessary without having to open a new selection process.

In short, it is not always easy to understand and assume the possibilities offered by recruitment automation. However, once the reality is accepted, the recruiter’s job is simplified, being able to focus on what is really important: the human relationship with the candidate. More and more companies are betting on this type of solution, which at the moment of truth, guarantees us more fluid and faster processes with better results.