How do you prepare for a sporting event?

How do you prepare for a sporting event? Event announcements, requests for permission and approval, anything related to the responsibilities of the organizer of sporting events (races, endurance, first flight, sea fairs, car races, etc.).

The organization of sports events is governed by the rules applicable to each type of competition, as well as certain formalities: obtaining homologation, obtaining permits, applying for and following procedures with time limits. So if you are planning to organize a road race, foot race, enduro, first flight, boat party, here is how to prepare this project. Who is a sports hero?

Sports event organizer

Any native or legal person can organize any sporting event, competitive or not. The organizers are fully responsible for the safety and emergency measures taken at the event. The device must comply with the rules and guarantee the safety of both participants and the public. It may also allow anyone who poses a security risk to be banned from the event.

The mayor gave

He permits activities within his municipal territory. He also took the necessary measures for the safety of the public.

It intervenes in accidents on the territory of several municipalities, and this is provided for by the regulatory text. It should be reported on the organization of events that plan to gather more than 5,000 people in one location.

Recognized sports federation

스포츠중계 is accredited by the Ministry of Youth and the Sports Federation to organize sports events that ultimately award international, national, regional or departmental titles. It is the person who imposes restrictions, specific technical disciplinary rules, game rules, rules for organizing competitions, rules for admission to competitions and organizes an open event. to the licensee

What are the responsibilities of the organizer?

Application or request for permission to organize a sporting event

Information on sporting events must be geographically communicated to the competent governing body. In some cases, it may also be necessary to request one or more permissions. Otherwise, criminal sanctions will be imposed.

In addition, the Federation represented must be notified when the event is open to representatives of the transferred discipline and results in a gift in the form of money or goods whose value can be attributed to the Games. The amount is determined by ministerial regulation. The price is currently set at 3,000 euros.

This application is subject to the technical rules and regulations issued by the Authorized Federation and the agreement between that Federation and you. Issuing illegal securities is a criminal offence.

give insurance

You must have insurance that covers your civil liability, the liability of members, employees and volunteers involved in the organization. This guarantee must be given to the arbitrators and judges carrying out their duties, as well as to the police or security personnel involved in the incident. Otherwise you will face jail time and fines.

You can also advise professionals to take out private insurance for their own damage.


Depending on the specifics of the event, you are responsible for the safety of those attending or participating in the sporting event. Keep in mind that in the context of a terrorist threat, with permits issued by administrative bodies, special attention is paid to the steps you take.

In the event of a competition, participants must undergo a medical examination.

Entrants must provide either a license certifying the issue of a medical certificate or, for non-licensors, a medical certificate less than one year old.

Please contact your authorized federation and follow their technical rules.

Ensure that the sports equipment used during the event is up to current standards.

Ensure the safety of any charity sporting event. Please note that sometimes security services may be required for non-commercial events. Reimbursements for emergency services insured by the government (police, gendarmerie) are charged to the organizer.

Place suitable signage during events on the public road: signage must in any case be clearly visible to road users

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