How can you prevent yourself from suffering from arthritis?

Have you ever heard of arthritis? According to the doctors of the orthopaedic hospital in Ludhiana, “This is one of the most customary conditions that come to existence with the inflammation of the joints. Any joint in your body is prone to get inflamed, but the hands are most common among all. Those who are struggling with arthritis are the ones who experience the following:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness?

Did you know?

With the progression of age, the inflammation in the joints also increases. But there are a couple of things with the help of which you can protect your hand and consequently minimize your chances of suffering from arthritis.

Note: The joints of your whole body get at risk if you are not taking care of yourself. Your spine can also get affected by it and thus you may need to take up spine surgery.

Protect Your Hands Against The Arthritis

Exercise your hands

Do it a few times. Just give yourself a break by stopping sometimes in a day. Move your hands in ways that help you to stretch and stay healthy. Try to open and close your hands and make the fists. Try to stretch your fingers and then keep on repeating this motion for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Please Note:

If you do a job in which you are constantly required to move your hands like typing or operating some kind of machine, then you are at a greater risk of developing arthritis. It is quintessentially important for you to take periodic breaks.

Maintain a healthy weight

Those individuals who are extremely obese or overweight are at a higher risk of developing arthritis. You need to intend to balance your weight with a good diet and physical exercise. With that, the pressure on your joints will get minimized.

Quit Smoking

If you are habitual of smoking, then make sure you are speaking to your doctor about quitting. And if you are not in the habit of smoking, then don’t even start with that. It will increase the inflammation levels.

Wear Compression Gloves

It is only the compression gloves that are thoroughly beneficial for reducing inflammation and promoting healthy blood flow throughout your hands. You should wear these if you feel a sudden stiffness in your hands.

Give your hands a gentle massage

It is important that you are giving your hands and wrists a gentle massage with warm oil. It will be extremely better if you are making use of the essential oils.

Do not lift the heavy things

It is suggested to not lift heavy things. It will create great pressure on your hands and problems like arthritis may be suffered. If someday you feel the day to lift heavy things, then make sure you are keeping your hands in the warm water for about half an hour.

Final Comments!

In case you are suffering from the various problems associated with chronic stiffness in the hands, then you should immediately ring it to the notice of the doctors. To know more about how can you cope up with arthritis, you can consult us or are required to keep on reading our articles and blogs.

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