Hear About The Challenges Of Neeti, A Transwoman, Who Took Up SRS

The whole credit of making Gender Change surgery a distant dream goes to the high costs demanded by the private clinics and the absent sensitivity by the staff of the government hospitals. The people who want to change their genders like from male to female or from female to male are seen as people with mental disabilities.

Case Study – Story Of Neeti, A Transwoman

Neeti Wadhwa, a trans woman aged 6 years. She approached a private clinic to change her gender. She underwent the change and no sooner she opened her eyes, she believed that she had stepped into the new world. It is not the same world in which she was born.

What happened to her?

Neeti was not Neeti since birth. Her parents renamed her Nitish as they thought a boy was born to them. But Neeti has always felt trapped like a bird in a cage. Here the bird can be referred to as Neeti and the cage is her male body.

No sooner did she enter her 20s, than she became so frustrated and decided to not endure the forceful gender identity on her own. Just for the sake of her comfort and respect for the self-identified gender identity, she came as transgender.

What challenges did she experience during her lifetime?

Neeti revealed, “Since I was a boy for my parents, they wanted me to behave the way a male does. I was not allowed to do any girly things. Out of fear, I tried to catch hold of my girlish behaviour, but am I able to hide the traits that reflect my self-identity gender identity. No, I cannot. Because of this, students at the school keep on bullying me. For that reason, I kept on migrating from one school to another.”

What made Neeti’s Condition more worst?

The difficulties arose for Neeeti when she started suffering from gender dyslexia. Because of that, she was unable to perform academically well.

Neeti further added, “I never felt like a man. I sensed in the beginning that despite having those male organs, I am not a man. Because of fear, I could not even shout proudly revealing my genderidentity. Until I embraced my gender, I believed to be living a claustrophobic life.

Why did she decide to undergo the surgery?

Our community believes that transgenders bring shame to the sophisticated world. But what a cheap way of thinking! They are also people like us. We should have sympathy for them for what God has done to them. The same was the case with Neeti. Despite her willingness to act and dress like a girl, her mother never allowed her to do so. To make sure her mother does not sense shame, Neeti had to put in yet more effort to pretend to be the one that she is not.

To end all those things, Netti finally decided to undergo SRS surgery which helped her to get converted to a female.

Was she able to bear the cost?

Neeti was able to bear the cost of the gender change procedure as she hails from an affluent family.

At the End!

There are many trans people like Neeti. We should all help them to live a sound life. A sound life does not mean to be financially secure but to have mental peace is one of the prerequisites for a sound life.

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