Healing Hearts: Navigating Pet Loss Grief with Support from Pet Perennials

Losing a pet is never easy. A best friend who spent their life with you has gone and it is hard to accept. Pets are family. Losing a pet can affect the workplace and as an employer it is important to acknowledge your client or employee’s loss. As a pet focused business, you’ve been involved with your client’s or employee’s pets over time. It is a loss for all of you. While looking to ways Employee Grief Support during this challenging time, considersending them a pet sympathygift to honor the memories of the furry companion. Consider choosing Pet Perennials while looking for sympathy Gifts to keep the memory of the furry friend alive in a beautiful and lasting way.

Honoring the Bond Between Your Employee and His Pet

Pet Perennials has a wide range of options to honor the special bond between your client or employee and their furry companion. The Pet Perennials Gift Perks Service offers an array of pet sympathy gifts. You can choose fromthe Pet Perennials Kit that grows a perennial butterfly wildflower garden to options such as the Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher or the Healing Hearts Candle. Pet Perennials offers a selection of gifts with an option of personalizing them, creating a custom memory.

Providing Comfort

It is never easy to lose a pet; Pet Perennials understands. Theyoffer unique Pet Loss Grief Support-centric options to keep the fur baby’s memory alive, while offering sympathy during the time of grief. Whether you choose a wind chime, a figurine, garden kit, a sympathy card with a decal, a memorial candle, or garden signs, each gift will arrive thoughtfully giftwrapped with a personalized message from you, handwritten onto the card. Your thoughtfulness will let yourclient or employees know you understand their loss and provide a way to bring comfort and support.

Why choose Pet Perennials?

Pet Perennials assists you in providing support, and sympathy at the time of pet loss, by sending a tangible remembrance. Your clients and employees will thank you for your thoughtfulness, and you will have ease of mind knowing you’ve got Pet Perennials to turn to for your pet memorial gifting needs.


While looking for sympathy gifts for a client or Employee Pet Memorial Gifts then look no further than Pet Perennials. Visit Pet Perennials or email at customerservice@petperennials.com or call us on 18555733887.