Have Some Bits Of Knowledge About Khoya Making And Marketing

Each one among us is a huge fan of khoya-containing sweets and vegetables. This is the main reason that the sweet business is rising and rising in Haryana and when such kinds of business rise, then the demand for khoya also gets on top. So the khoya plant manufacturers have to introduce novel technologies in the business so that the production of khoya increases. One such brilliant technology is – Khoya Making Machine. Earlier people of Haryana were unaware of the benefits of incorporating this machine, but no sooner than the khoya business using the khoya making machine kept on mushrooming than the businesses which were not recognizing the importance of incorporating technological advancements in their plants got motivated and installed the same.

Did you know?

The way with which the popularity of the khoya plants is increasing, the profitability of the ghee plants and the Milk processing plants are increasing in the same manner.

If we admire the taste of a particular item, then we grow curious to know how it is prepared. So in our today’s article, we are facilitating our readers with a guide on how should the khoya be prepared at home:

Sweetmeats are tasteless without khoya

No matter whether it is Punjab or Haryana, the demand for khoya keeps on mushrooming during Diwali and the other festive seasons.

It would not be wrong if the festive season would be called the khoya season.

One sad thing

In India, when the demand for the particular item increases, then instead of limiting the sale of the khoya to the free amounts, people increase its prices and adulterate the khoya so that they could increase the profitability of the same. But thankfully, the people of Haryana do care about the health of the people more than the number of profits they are intending to make.

Please Note:

If you are using khoya which is being sold in the stores instead of purchasing the same from the khoya plants, then there are 100% chances that the khoya you are using is unadulterated.

Recipe to make khoya at home

The khoya making is super easy to make if you know the right technique to make it. Apart from that, the good news for you is that you do not need to go from store to store to gather the ingredients mentioned in the list. You will only need one ingredient and that is – Full Cream Milk

How much milk do I require?

If you want to extract about 400 to 500 grams of milk, then you need about 2.5 to 3 litres of milk.

Which method needs to be used?

First of all, put khoya in a deep bottomed wok. Let it boil and keep on stirring it with a spatula. After a few hours, it thickens and will turn into rabri.

Final Comments!

If you want to know more about how khoya should be made at home, then please let us know. We shall help you with more such recipes on that.

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