How to Host Happy Hour in Your Auckland Home

Are you tired of the same old happy hour in your nearby trendy bar in Auckland? Well, it’s time to spice it up and bring happy hour to your place! It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can do minimal planning, follow easy finger food recipes, and grab alcohol at an online liquor store in Auckland beforehand so that everything is ready for the small yet enjoyable get-together.

Here are simple ways to make happy hour in your Auckland home memorable.

The Invitation

Of course, a happy hour is not complete without its special guests! The initial phase of happy hour planning starts with inviting your friends or co-workers. You can approach them personally or send an invite through the group chat. In your invitations, guarantee that there will be liquor, delicious food, and great company! If you don’t want it to be a formal event, keep the invitation casual, so your invitees know what to expect.

The Drinks

Before the happy hour starts, ensure that the drinks are ready! You can buy craft beers, wine, hard liquor, and the works through an online liquor store. You can also try getting boozy beverages in the nearest physical liquor store or buy liquor online in Auckland that offers same-day online liquor delivery if pressed for time.

Tap into your inner bartender by creating simple cocktail recipes and dumping them in a large pitcher. Make sure that there’s a variety of alcoholic drinks to choose from that will satisfy even those with picky palates.

The Food

Presenting appetizers or finger foods on a charcuterie board or long table is preferred for most casual happy hour events. Forget about using fancy silverware and large plates that you’ll need to clean later.

Save yourself some time and follow simple recipes like bruschetta and arancini. You can buy cold cuts and cheese at your nearest deli shop in Auckland, so all you have to do is set it up neatly. Skip time-consuming recipes or meals that will complicate your planning.

The Decor

All you need is a presentable food table serve in the dining table, and maybe some fresh flowers in a vase to decorate your happy hour venue. After all, happy hour events generally aren’t big occasions with a large attendance. Keeping the decor simple yet vibrant is the key.

The Ambience

An open kitchen or living space is one of the best areas in your home to host a happy hour. You want conversations to flow easily and ensure your guests can move around comfortably. Play some music in the background to improve the atmosphere, but not too loud that your guests can’t hear each other, and neighbours start filing complaints.

The best drinks, food, and conversations with your friends are all you need to make your happy hour at home a success. With these easy-to-follow tips, you don’t have to stress yourself out with too much planning.

As the host, you shouldn’t forget to enjoy yourself during this happy hour at home! Get the drinks from an online liquor store in Auckland, make finger foods with simple homemade recipes, decorate the place a bit, invite company, and you’re good to go!

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