Handcrafted Gift Ideas for Someone Special

Ask anyone, and they’ll agree that handmade gifts are better than store-bought presents. The effort put into making a gift and knowing that someone is willing to set aside time from their busy schedule makes it even more special. Whether home-baked bread, wearable art, a handwritten letter, or artisanaldrinking chocolate, anything handmade is sure to tug at one’s heartstrings. 

Including some ideas mentioned above, we prepared some inspiring tips on how to make, pack, and prepare handmade gifts that are perfect for every occasion.  


Handmade Gift Inspiration for a Very Special Person

The gift inspiration below will make your loved one feel extra special. 


1. Send a thoughtful care package. 

Care packages are a simple yet thoughtful way to show how much a person means to you. They are also great gift ideas for any occasion because of their easy personalisation. 

For example, if you want to congratulate a friend who just got a new job, send them a care package. Include a tumbler, a planner, a lunch box set, and other goodies they might need in their new workplace.  

You’ll have more freedom for combinations. Each item can express how well you know the receiver, especially the things that can make them smile. 


2. Send a bouquet of dried flowers. 

Why give dried flowers when you can send them fresh ones? It’s about the emphasis on permanence versus the ephemeral. Dry flowers are permanent and everlasting, symbolising longevity and beauty that never fades. Flowers can help you express your deepest emotions of affection, even without words.  


3. Pack a box of handcrafted cocoa treats.

What is better than a box of chocolates? A pack of handcrafted chocolates. Artisanal cocoa treats are chocolates made using traditional methods. Unlike commercially made ones, they use natural materials and don’t rely on artificial flavours and preservatives. Thanks to their signature bittersweet charm, they don’t use too much sugar either. 

Handmade chocolates in NZ stores are the best way to enjoy a 2,000-year-old delight. Share the wonderful experience of consuming this lovely treat with your special someone.  


4. Design a personalised planter for their garden.

Are you looking for a gift idea for someone with a green thumb? Why not design and build a unique planter for their home garden? You can make them yourself or ask a local woodworker or potter to make them for you. Make the planter extra special by adding an engraved message or inspiring quote. You could engrave their name on it to personalise it entirely. 


5. Gift them with customised kitchenware. 

Custom kitchenware is a creative and practical gift option for your loved ones. Engraved coasters, cutting boards, platters, and bowls are a perfect addition to their kitchencollection, especially if they love cooking or entertaining guests. 

There you have it, our top five handmade gift ideas for the most special people in your life. We hope these suggestions made it to your list and you enjoy the warm feeling of giving. Good luck!