Get Your Kidneys Regularly Tested To Avoid Any Disease To Aggravate

Nephrologists test the functioning of the kidneys with so many simple tests or procedures. These tests either demand blood or urine so that the issues with the kidneys can easily be identified.

You need to visit a kidney hospital if you are experiencing some problems with the kidneys and your primary care physician has suggested getting checked if the kidneys are filtering the waste properly or not.

Did you know?

Sometimes the kidney starts leaking the proteins into the urine.

What Is The Role Of Kidneys In Our Bodies?

Kidneys are those vital organs without which there will be no system in the body that would separate the good nutrient from the food and eliminate the toxic elements out from the body.

Why Do The Kidney Specialists Suggest Visiting The Hospital Regularly?

Kidney doctors practising in the famous kidney hospitals in Ludhiana suggest regularly visiting the kidney hospital to make sure that if some disease or disorder have somehow started getting into your body, then these could be detected at an early stage.

Which Tests Would The Doctor Ask You To Undergo?

Doctors in Ludhiana try to extract a great deal of information by making the patient take up the imaging tests and the biopsy.

Apart from those, the following tests are mandatory for the person to take up:

  • Urine tests

The doctor may require a small amount of urine or the entire amount of the same which the person produces in the period of 24 hours.

  • Urinalysis

It is the next level urine test that helps you to identify the following kinds of problems:

  • Blood
  • Protein
  • Sugar
  • Pus
  • Bacteria
  • Creatinine clearance test

It is a mixed kind of test which involves both the blood and the urine. This procedure involves the doctor collecting all the urine which the individual produces in a day. It is one of the waste products in the body that appear naturally in the body with the use of the muscles.

  • Blood tests

As far as the blood tests are concerned, the blood is obtained from the arms of the individuals. Some blood tests are required to be undergone in the mornings.

  • Serum creatinine test

If the body of the individual is having a high level of serum creatine levels, then it could be thought of as one of the major symptoms of kidney diseases.

  • Blood urea nitrogen test

This test checks for the presence of waste in the blood such as urea or nitrogen.

  • Imaging tests

It is the imaging tests that help the doctors to identify if the physical changes are happening to the kidneys like the injuries or formation of the kidney stones.

  • Ultrasounds

This test produces the harmless waves of the sound to obtain the pictures. With the ultrasound images, the doctors find out if there occurred any changes in either the shape or the position of the kidneys.

Final Comments!

The individual needs to get a regular checkup of the kidneys done. It will make sure that your kidneys are functioning right.

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