Get a Hassle-Free Credit Card and Instant Approval

Get a credit card and make purchases without cash, enjoy reward points and money-saving schemes under card plans – want any more reasons to justify the soaring demand for credit cards? How about a no-joining fee or no annual fee for credit cards?  Free credit cards are in it to win it for users these days. Another reason behind their immense popularity is the instant approval they come with. 

If you’re interested in getting a free credit card and want to know how to apply and get instant approval, this post will discuss this in detail.

What are free credit cards?

As the name suggests, these credit cards are free to use – no joining fee no annual fee credit cards as it were. You don’t have to pay any amount to apply nor pay an annual fee for using such credit cards. 

What are the benefits of free credit cards?

Credit cards offer the convenience of purchasing even if you don’t have money on hand. If you have a good credit history, your credit card usage is beneficial for improving your eligibility to get better schemes and rewards in the future. This makes free credit cards even more beneficial.

  • Lifetime free: Users with limited income can attain the benefits of credit cards that are free to use. They don’t have to pay any amount in the name of the annual fee.
  • Cost saving: As a free credit card user, you get to save money on annual fees and use credit card features like fuel surcharge waivers, reward points, or e-commerce discount schemes to save more money.
  • Free benefits: Many credit card schemes have lucrative offers, but to obtain these offers, you need to pay a joining fee and an annual fee. Free credit cards make things more affordable and get you free benefits like movie tickets, airport lounge access, and more.
  • Easy eligibility: Credit score and income proof are required for a standard credit card. There are secured credit cards as well, like Kotak 811 credit cards that bring terrific benefits and rewards to users. But there is an income criterion or a deposit that’s needed. On the other hand, income requirements are lower for free credit cards.

What should you know before applying for a credit card?

There are lots of free credit card schemes available. If you are a beginner, a student, a housewife, or a small business owner with no income proof, you can apply for a free credit card. Just pick the right option to maximize your savings.

  • Compare different options based on the discount offers
  • Compare the interest-free period. This duration allows you to settle the outstanding balance on your credit card. Choose for a more extended period.
  • Compare interest rates to ensure you use the most affordable credit card. 

How to get a free credit card?

Free credit cards are often provided with no income proof. The application process would be simple, and you can expect instant approval. Nowadays, online services are available to quickly apply for a credit card from the comfort of your home.

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If no income proof is needed, a free credit card is provided against a fixed deposit amount. Compare your options and choose a scheme with the lowest fixed deposit amount and better interest rates on a free credit card. 

Are free credit cards worth it?

Free credit cards are worth it because they are affordable and effortless to get. However, the reward points or money-saving schemes are essential in a free credit card. So if you want better deals, you might have to pay a joining fee. For instance, users with no income proof can get the Kotak 811 Dream Different credit card, or those who are eligible, can go for the Kotak 811 credit card. 

Free credit cards are easy to apply for and free to use, and always a good choice.